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What Your Colleagues Say


"The colors and the quality of the fabric stay the same, wash after wash. I have been wearing your scrubs for more than a year, and they get washed every week.They still look brand new!"
Julie Pearson, DVM -Medelita Women's Scrub Top

"As an Emergency Medicine physician,I live in my scrubs.They are an essential part of my work day. I bought 5 pairs and enjoy working more comfortably with the Medelita scrubs. It truly is a great product."
Mark J.K. Dalton, MD, FACEPP -Medelita Men's Scrub Top

"I feel more efficient and prepared when the only thought I give to my scrubs ishow great they are!"
Sarah Bragdon, MD -Medelita Women's Scrub Pants

"Wearing is believing.Once you wear them, you will understand the difference."
Ari Saeedi, RDH -Medelita Women's Scrub Top

"I just received my coat, and I'm very pleased. Thank you for the personal response to my comments. I've been impressed by your company's attention to customer service. I received a phone call as well regarding something that was not quite clear on my order. The person with whom I spoke also made sure that my comments were addressed. I don't doubt that the combination of your quality products and attention to the customer will make your company thrive."
Leslie Boonstra

"Just wanted to let you know what a welcomed change it was doing business with your company. Instead of the increasingly faceless entities that have become the norm with internet commerce, I actually was able to speak with a REAL person who actually had a direct connection to said product. Your personal touch is very much appreciated and, thanks to you, I'll hopefully look like a hero on graduation day."
Sheldon Stevenson