PA Week 2021

"PA Week gives PAs and the medical community the opportunity to honor our profession, to tell the history of our profession, and to bring to light relevant questions that people have about our capabilities and contributions as PAs. I'm honored to provide a platform for the amplification of such personal explanations during PA Week 2021."


-Lara Francisco, PA-C, Medelita Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Meet Tony Adkins, PA-C /

Pediatric Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine

As a PA specializing in pediatric neurosurgery, Tony Adkins, PA-C has a superpower that transforms the care his patients receive using compassion and intuition to instill courage for the battle ahead. He loves being able to connect closely as a PA with his patients as well as the nursing staff in his department. Tony enjoys the breadth of his role as a PA, completing every task, “with honor and dignity.”

Tony Adkins, PA-C is wearing the H.W. Cushing Lab Coat

Michele Neskey, PA-C /

Hematology, Oncology

Michele looks forward to “ringing the bell” of remission with her adult oncology patients. She worked tirelessly alongside her colleagues this past year to provide the same level of care to every single patient, while stepping outside their daily roles without hesitation to staff an urgently needed Covid monoclonal antibody infusion suite. She greatly enjoys the versatility of her profession as a PA such as being a part of a team of hard working PAs and NPs who rose to the occasion.

Courtney Titus, PA-C /

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Courtney found her true calling in working with sick children and has worked in pediatric emergency medicine for 6 years now. Courtney is proud to have worked with her PA colleagues during the pandemic to launch virtual shadowing opportunities for pre-PA students who lost the ability to shadow in person, a prerequisite for getting into PA school.

Courtney Titus, PA-C is wearing the Vista Scrub Top & Strata Fleece Jacket

PA Week 2021PA Week 2021

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