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Our Fabric Technology

We’ve spent years on research and development testing a proprietary technology on the fabric interior to keep you cool, dry and comfortable, with a fabric exterior that repels fluid, soil, and stains. Our women's lab coats have the highest possible rating in the industry when tested for strength, soil release, and fluid repellency, which is why we proudly back up our warranty for a full year.

lab coat fabric
  • Moisture wicking that keeps you cool & dry
  • Dries 4 times faster than cotton
  • Eco-friendly, permanent performance
  • Prevents and repels odors and organic stains
  • Superior comfort keeps you 7° cooler
  • Premium fabric holds shape & resists wrinkles
comfortable scrubs

Our innovative physician and nursing scrub, coat, and knit fabrics improve performance, durability, and stain-resistance

Lab Coat Fabric

Our lab coat fabric is truly revolutionary. It repels fluid - including blood - yet is supremely soft and comfortable. Remarkable repel and release technology allows you to maintain a bright white, crisp, professional finish long-term. White lab coats by Medelita are intelligently equipped for the job at hand.

Scrub Fabric

Running from one case to the next. Complicated procedures under hot lights. An awkward patient interaction. It's inevitable…we all sweat during our 10, 12, even 24 hour shifts. Medelita scrubs are made from a patented fabric that keeps you dry, fresh, and free of odors…for the lifetime of the garment.

Hydrophilic & hydrophobic fibers pull moisture away from skin and into the air - fast.

The highest industry standard for dryness in medical scrubs - drying up to 4 times faster than cotton.

No chemicals or irritants to wash out over time, our scrub fabric ensures eco-friendly performance.

Prevents odors by mitigating the development and build-up of odor-causing bacteria.

Soft, natural feel keeps you dry and comfortable. Regulating body temps up to 7°F cooler.

Fabrics & knits that exhibit excellent hand, hold shape, and are easy to care for. They reist pills, wrinkles, and static.

lab coats

  1. rebecca lab coat for women
    M3 Rebecca Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $105 Regular Price $162
  2. Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat
    M3 Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $135 Regular Price $208
  3. Miranda B.
    M3 Miranda B. Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $109 Regular Price $168
  4. Laennec M3 lab coat
    M3 Laennec Classic Fit Lab Coat
  5. Cushing Men's Lab Coat
    M3 H.W. Cushing Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $106 Regular Price $164
  6. men's slimfit lab coat front
    M3 E. Wilson Slim Fit Lab Coat
  7. Vera G. Women's Lab Coat
    M3 Vera G. Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $113 Regular Price $174
  8. Estie Women's Lab Coat Side
    M3 Estie Classic Fit Women's Lab Coat
  9. Emma W. women's lab coat
    M3 Emma W. Classic Fit Lab Coat
  10. Ellody lab coat
    M3 Ellody Lab Coat - Petite Fit
    $93 Regular Price $144


Athletic Stretch Scrubs

6 colors each

  1. Vista blue women's scrub top
    Vista Scrub Top
  2. Men's Summit Scrub Pants
    Men's Summit Scrub Pants
  3. Men's navy blue scrub top
    Men's Apex Scrub Top
  4. Men's Navy Blue Scrub Top
    Men's Radius Scrub Top
    $28 Regular Price $42
  5. Delta scrub pants
    Delta Scrub Pants
  6. Argon scrub pants for women
    Argon Scrub Pants
  7. Horizon women's scrub top
    Horizon Scrub Top
  8. Meridian Womens Scrub Top
    Meridian Scrub Top
    $26 Regular Price $44

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Scrub Jackets

3 colors each

  1. Men's kinetic scrub jacket
    Kinetic Men's Scrub Jacket
  2. Women's kinetic scrub jacket
    Kinetic Women's Scrub Jacket
  3. ionic scrub jacket
    Ionic Women's Scrub Jacket
  4. Men's Scrub Jacket
    Ionic Men's Scrub Jacket

We Stand By Our Products

1 Year Warranty

We consider Medelita customers to be colleagues. For that reason, we guarantee all products that we make for 365 days from the delivery date. We are the only medical apparel company with this level of confidence in our products. If any of our products don't meet your expectations, send them back within one year from the date your order was received - for repair or replacement.

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Modern Fit Scrubs

5 colors each

  1. Men's Non-Stretch Scrub Top
    Modern Fit Mens Scrub Top
    $22 Regular Price $44
  2. Women's Blue Scrub Top
    Modern Fit Women's Scrub Top
    $21 Regular Price $42
  3. Blue Women's Scrub Pants
    Modern Fit Women's Scrub Pants
    $23 Regular Price $46
  4. men's scrub pants
    Modern Fit Mens Scrub Pants
    $25 Regular Price $50

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"I avoided my white coat for years due to discomfort/appearance and my preference has completely changed on both. I wear Medelita all the time."

"The first elite medical apparel alternative for discerning consumers who value well-made products and professional appearance."

"The professional standard with respect to appearance. Other choices are simply inferior, and obviously inferior. You will do no better."

Aaron L., MD


T. Gormley, MD