Welcome to the resource guide for the MAPMG lab coat program

On this page you will find three items that you can download and use to complete the ordering process:

  • The order form for submission to mapmg@medelita.com with as many physicians as possible in one order.
  • A "Fit & Embroidery Guide" that you can distribute to physicians.
  • A "Features" package which provides a summary description of each lab coat and their features & benefits.




  • On each line in the first spreadsheet of the order form, enter a physician’s name, lab coat style (men’s or women’s), size preference, and confirm the first and second lines of embroidery.
  • Please keep all physicians that belong to the same facility (where the lab coats will be shipped) inside a separate file.
  • Within the Excel workbook you will find a tab labeled “Embroidery Info” containing a guide for maximum character limits by style and size. This indicates the limit at which a physician’s name will become partially covered up by their lab coat’s lapel.
  • This lab coat order is only for MAPMG physicians.
  • Submit all sizing and embroidery information to mapmg@medelita.com.

The Order Form

Use the following link to download the order form that you can open and complete using the latest version of Microsoft Excel


   Download The Excel Order Form

The Fit & Embroidery Guide

Use the following link to download and open a PDF that you can save and distribute to your physicians to help them with size and embroidery selections.


   Download The Fit & Embroidery Guide

Summary Of Features

Use the following link to download and open a PDF that highlights fey features of our lab coats, including a summary of benefits and a fabric demonstration.


   Download The Summary