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The premium lab coat for Medical Students

Medical students of all disciplines will enjoy the new upgrades made in our student lab coats. Hard work deserves a lab coat that works just as hard. Medelita Student Lab Coats give come in sophisticated styles, unmatched durability, and technical performance features that elevates your professional appearance.

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  1. Fleming Lab Coat
    High-notched Lapel, Consultation Length, with 6 Pockets
    $39 Regular Price $78
  2. Elizabeth B. Lab Coat
    High-notched Lapel, Consultation Length, with 6 Pockets
    $39 Regular Price $78

2 Items

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Displaying your name and title on your medical uniform is the closest it gets to wearing your diploma on your chest.

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Medelita uniforms and stethoscopes provide a professional, consistent brand promise - to the clinical team and to the patient. Align your team and elevate your brand.

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From Our Medelita Colleagues

Medelita lab coats represent the highest standard in the world in terms of innovative fabric and a flattering, comfortable fit. Medelita is committed to making a student lab coat worth the investment - as your uniform is worn a minimum of 2,000 hours per year. The result is a lab coat that keeps you comfortable all day while looking and feeling confident and professional in a classic white coat style. Find your style today!