Slim-Fit Lab Coats

Sharp + tailored Slim Fit

Introducing the most contemporary tailored lab coats available. Professionally designed to provide a modern and sophisticated fit without restricting ergonomic movement or comfort.Typical fitted lab coats use excess fabric in the waist and torso, creating a round appearance. Our slim fit lab coats for men and women solves that problem without being tight - a modern tailored design.

  1. H.W. Cushing Slim Fit Stretch Lab Coat
    H.W. Cushing Slim Fit Lab Coat
  2. Bernard Slim Fit Stretch Lab Coat
    Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat
  3. Rebecca Women's Slim Fit Lab Coat in Stretch
    Rebecca Slim Fit Lab Coat
  4. Osler Men's Slim Fit Stretch Lab Coat
    Osler Slim Fit Lab Coat
  5. Merit P. Women's Stretch Lab Coat
    Merit P. Slim Fit Lab Coat
  6. Vera G. Stretch Lab Coat For Women
    Vera G. Slim Fit Lab Coat
2-way stretch

Premium Stretch

A comfortable, ergonomic, slim-fit

moisture wicking

Moisture Wicking

Dries 4x faster than cotton



Prevents odors

no wrinkles

High Performance

Resistant to wrinkles and organic fluids

easy care

Easy Care

Like new after 50 washes on any setting


Superior Comfort

A soft, light, natural high end hand

From our #medelita Colleagues

Wearing a lab coat comes with the job - you deserve to look and feel your very best while doing it. We created form fitting coats for a polished, put-together look without the bulkiness of traditional medical lab coats. In a fitted coat made from premium cotton fabric for ultimate comfort, you can meet all the demands of the job while projecting true aptitude and experience.

Medelita men's fitted lab coats feature precision tailoring for a high-end look and a flattering fit. Similarly, our women's fitted white lab coats are expertly tapered and tailored, resulting in pretty lab coats that appear professional and feminine.

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