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Embroidered Lab Coats

The Closest Thing To

Wearing Your Diploma

Advanced performance fabric that looks and feels luxurious with sleek construction that lengthens and slims. Medelita white lab coats exude sophistication, confidence, and indelible aptitude.

  1. rebecca lab coat for women
    M3 Rebecca Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $105 Regular Price $162
  2. Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat
    M3 Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $135 Regular Price $208
  3. Miranda B.
    M3 Miranda B. Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $109 Regular Price $168
  4. Cushing Men's Lab Coat
    M3 H.W. Cushing Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $106 Regular Price $164
  5. Vera G. Women's Lab Coat
    M3 Vera G. Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $113 Regular Price $174
  6. Estie Women's Lab Coat Side
    M3 Estie Classic Fit Women's Lab Coat
  7. Emma W. women's lab coat
    M3 Emma W. Classic Fit Lab Coat
  8. Ellody lab coat
    M3 Ellody Lab Coat - Petite Fit
    $93 Regular Price $144
  9. men's slimfit lab coat front
    M3 E. Wilson Slim Fit Lab Coat
  10. Laennec M3 lab coat
    M3 Laennec Classic Fit Lab Coat

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Full Details

Why Medelita

Because our world revolves around you. We?ve spent years on research and development testing a proprietary technology on the fabric interior to keep you cool, dry and comfortable, with a fabric exterior that repels fluid, soil, and stains. Our lab coats have the highest possible rating in the industry when tested for strength, soil release, and fluid repellency, which is why we proudly back up our warranty for a full year.

  1. Helix lab coat
    Helix Relaxed Fit Lab Coat
    $70 Regular Price $98
  2. Mens athletic lab coat
    Vert Athletic Fit Lab Coat
  3. women's athletic fit lab coat
    Vandi Athletic Fit Lab Coat

See what the experts are saying

"I avoided my white coat for years due to discomfort/appearance and my preference has completely changed on both. I wear Medelita all the time."

"The first elite medical apparel alternative for discerning consumers who value well-made products and professional appearance."

"The professional standard with respect to appearance. Other choices are simply inferior, and obviously inferior. You will do no better."

Aaron L., MD


T. Gormley, MD

From our #medelita Colleagues

A well-fitting, high-quality lab coat sets you apart in your profession — and white coat embroidery puts a personal touch to a much-worn and much-loved item of clothing. Embroidered lab coats display your name and title — or a specific logo — to help others know your credentials and your mission (and to ensure another physician never goes home with your beloved coat). Custom embroidery can be added to all Medelita jackets, according to your preferences. Our custom lab coats feature high-end embroidery sewn directly into the fabric, sans patches, for a monogrammed lab coat that feels truly premium and personalized.