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Tiffany Sinclair, Medical Student

Tiffany Sinclair is a medical student who hopes to pursue a career in General Surgery. Tiffany discovered her love for medicine during college, when she started learning about sports medicine through her athletic endeavors. This unique experience is what led her to pursue the medical path.

When she's not in the hospital or stuyding, Tiffany enjoys playing soccer, watching hockey and football, cooking, and of course going to the beach! Tiffany is also a member of the #allheartsquad.

In her own words:

"Becoming a physician is one of the most difficult career paths anyone can take, but it by far is the most rewarding. Patients confide in you their deepest darkest secrets and hold you with the utmost respect in hopes you can heal them. It makes the endless hours of studying worth it.

My favorite thing about being a medical student is that I have a special role in patient care. While the attendings and residents have paperwork and decisions to deal with, my job is to connect with and really know my patients. I truly love meeting new people and hearing their stories."

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