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Medelita Available In Saudi Arabia

Medelita Scrubs + Lab Coats are available in Saudi Arabia and the Greater Gulf Region from

Email customer service at:


1) Thumama Road - Alyasmin, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2) Ash Shaikh Subah Al Ahmad, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12232, Saudi Arabia 


Ibrahim Adham, Al-Hamra’a, Jeddah 23323, Saudi Arabia

Al Qassim:

Al Amn, Buraydah, Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia 

  Medelita lab coats and scrubs are available in Saudi Arabia and the Greater Gulf Region from

 Phone: +966- 2-6929191

Fax : +966-2-6923632

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Purchase lab coats in Saudi Arabia from a trusted retailer with confidence. Medical Outfit ships lab coats, medical scrubs, clogs and other medical apparel to Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Dammam and other cities in Saudi Arabia
  • Medelita will supply logo service for all major health facilities including :
  1. Abdul Latif Jameel Rehabilitation Hospital & Speciality Clinics, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  2. Abha General Hospital Abha, Saudi Arabia
  3. Abuzinadah Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  4. Al Ahli Hospital Khamis Mushyat, Saudi Arabia
  5. Al Ahmadi Hospital Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  6. Al Dossary Hospital Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  7. Al Fanateer Hospital Jubail, Saudi Arabia
  8. Al Hamadi Hospital P.O.Box 55004, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  9. Al Hammadi Hospital P.O.Box 55004, Saudi Arabia
  10. Al Hamra Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  11. Al Hayat Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  12. Al Hayat Pharmacies Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  13. Al Khaleej Hospital Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  14. Al Khobar Hospital Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  15. Al Mishari Hospital P.O.Box 56929, OLAYA, Saudi Arabia
  16. Al Moghrabi Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  17. Al Mostaqbal Hospital Jeddah, Po Box 3331, Saudi Arabia
  18. Al Mouwasat Hospital - Dammam Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  19. Al Noor Specialist Hospital Mecca, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia
  20. Al Rafie Hospital Makkah, Saudi Arabia
  21. Al Salam Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  22. Al-Mouwasat Hospital - Al-Madina Al-Madinah, Al Munawara, Saudi Arabia
  23. Al-Mouwasat Hospital - Jubail Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia
  24. Al-Mouwasat Hospital - Qatif P.O. Box 1444, Qatif, Saudi Arabia
  25. Al-Mouwasat Hospital - Riyadh P.O. Box 41116, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  26. AlHada National Guard Hospital Taif, Saudi Arabia
  27. Almana General Hospital Al Khobra, Saudi Arabia
  28. Aramco Hospital Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  29. Armed Force Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  30. Armed Forces Hospital – Al Hada Al-Taif Taif, Saudi Arabia
  31. Asir Central Hospital Abha, Saudi Arabia
  32. Asir General Hospital Abha, Saudi Arabia
  33. Bugshan Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  34. Buraidah Central Hospital AlQassim, Saudi Arabia
  35. Central Asir Hospital Abha, Saudi Arabia
  36. Chest Hospital Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  37. Dallah Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  38. Dammam Central Hospital Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  39. Dammam National Hospital Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  40. Dar Al Shifa Al Saudi Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  41. Derma Clinic PO Box 20632, Saudi Arabia
  42. Derma Clinics Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  43. Doha Health Center Dhaharan, Saudi Arabia
  44. Dr. Bakhsh Hospital in Jeddah P.O.Box: 6940, Saudi Arabia
  45. Dr. Bakhsh Hospital in Makkah P.O. Box: 10644, Al-Omrah, Saudi Arabia
  46. Dr. Bakhsh Hospital in Marine P.O. Box: 365, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  47. Dr. Eman Fatany Polyclinic Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  48. Dr. Erfan & Bagedo Hospitals PO Box 6519, Saudi Arabia
  49. Dr. M. Fakhry & A. Al Mouhawis Hospital Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  50. Dr. M.Hijazy Medical Center for Dermatology & Laser Surgery PO Box 5216, Saudi Arabia
  51. Dr. Siddiqa Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  52. Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  53. Dr.Sulaiman AlHabib Medical center (HMC) P.O.Box: Riyadh 11643 91877, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  54. Dulaijan Female Center Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  55. Faiha Polyclinic Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  56. General Security Hospital Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  57. GNP Healthcare Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  58. Green Crescent Hospital Oleya, P.O.Box 3096, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  59. Hail Hospital Hail, Saudi Arabia
  60. Home Doctor G.C.H.S Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  61. Imam Abdulrahman Al Faisal Hospital Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  62. Insurance Hospital Riyadh, Al - Rawabi, Saudi Arabia
  63. International Medical Center PO Box: 2172, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  64. Jeddah Clinic Hospital Po Box 115, Saudi Arabia
  65. Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing Jeddah, Al Rawdah, Saudi Arabia
  66. Juffali Help Center-Jeddah Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  67. Khamis Mushayt Civil Hospital Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia
  68. Khoula Hospital Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia
  69. King Abdul Aziz University Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  70. King Abdul Aziz University Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  71. King Abdulaziz Hospital - Al Ahasa, Saudi Arabia
  72. King Abdulaziz Medical City - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  73. King Abdulaziz Medical City - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  74. King Abdullah Hospital Bisha, Saudi Arabia
  75. King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  76. King Fahad Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  77. King Fahad Hospital Gizan, Saudi Arabia
  78. King Fahad Hospital Madinah, Saudi Arabia
  79. King Fahad Hospital Al Hofouf, Saudi Arabia
  80. King Fahad National Centre for Children's Cancer and Research Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  81. King Fahad National Guard Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  82. King Fahad Specialist Hospital Al Quassim, Saudi Arabia
  83. King Fahad Teaching Hospital Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  84. King Fahd Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  85. King Fahd Military Medical Complex (KFMMC) Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  86. King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Medical Center Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  87. King Faisal Hospital - Jeddah Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  88. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  89. King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  90. King Khaled Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  91. King Khalid Hospital PO Box 2049, Saudi Arabia
  92. King Khalid Military City Hospital PO Box 10018, Saudi Arabia
  93. King Khalid University Hospital PO Box 7805, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  94. Kingdom Hospital P.O.Box: 84400, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  95. Laser Vision Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  96. M.S.Basharahil Hospital P.O.Box 10505, Al-Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia
  97. Magrabi Eye & Ear Hospitals and Centers Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  98. Maternity & Children Hospital Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  99. Maternity & Children's Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  100. Maternity and Children's Hospital Saudi Arabia
  101. Medical Diagnostic & Treatment Center Dhaharan, Saudi Arabia
  102. Mohammad Dossary Hospital P.O.Box 335, Al-Khobar City, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
  103. Paralyzed Children Welfare Center - Al Taif, Saudi Arabia
  104. Prince salman hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  105. Prince Sultan Armed Forces Hospital P.O.Box 3649, Saudi Arabia
  106. Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  107. Qasseem National Hospital Al-Qasseem, Saudi Arabia
  108. Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  109. Riyadh Medical Complex Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  110. Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Hofuf, Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
  111. Procare Riaya Hospital P O Box 20424, Saudi Arabia
  112. Psychiatric Consulting Clinic Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  113. Psychiatric Specialized Polyclinic- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  114. Saad Specialist Hospital & Medical Center Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  115. Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation & Prince Salman Kidney Diseases Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  116. Saudi Chapter of Epilepsy Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  117. Saudi German Hospitals Group Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  118. Saudi Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  119. Specialized Clinics P.O. Box 69655, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  120. Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City
  121. Tarik M. Binladin Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  122. Tathleeth General Hospital Assir Region, Saudi Arabia
  123. Umm Al Qura General Hospital
  124. Holy Makkah, Al Mukkarrmah, Saudi Arabia
  125. United Doctors Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Medelita  women's lab coats are sophisticated,  professional and feminine. Click here to view women's lab coats //
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  • Attention Physicians traveling  from the Kingdom to major medical conferences in the United States.  You may place an order with us online or via our 1-877-987-7979.  You may pick up at the conference or we will ship to your hotel room. For a list of conferences please click here
Medelita offers physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dentists and veterinarians the best quality lab coats at affordable prices.  Lab coats may be embroidered with hospital logos, practice logos, name and titles and a wide array of caduceus.