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Miki Rai, Nursing Student

Miki Rai is a 4th-year nursing student based out of Los Angeles, California. She is trilingual, speaking English, Chinese and Japanese. Miki is passionate about working as a patient advocate, and simplifying healthcare concepts in a way that patients and their families can understand. She has also been a volunteer with the American Red Cross for 9 years, and served as part of their National Youth Council. Outside of school, Miki enjoys running, working on independent research projects, connecting with others on social media, and of course spending time with her adorable puppy.  

In her own words,

"Nursing is a challenging, fast-paced career requiring critical thinking, time management, and prioritization skills. I really enjoy being able to communicate with patients, and working at the bedside. I always ask myself, “What can I do today to help make this patient have the best experience possible?”

Professional style means the ability to look fitting for my role in healthcare, while making my patients feel that I am approachable and friendly. Comfort and style is so important in healthcare, due to the long working hours. I always want to look professional, put-together and feel comfortable all at the same time!"

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