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Lauren Mitschrich, PA-C
Lauren Mitschrich, PA-C

Lauren Mitschrich, PA-C

Lauren is a board certified Physician Assistant specializing in medical and cosmetic dermatology who currently lives and practices in San Francisco. Lauren graduated with honors from Rutgers University where she earned a BS in Biomedical Sciences, going on to the University of Alabama - Birmingham Surgical Physician Assistant Program where she completed her Master in Physician Assistant Studies.

Lauren is well known in the Bay Area for the bond she forms with her patients and her "natural" aesthetic approach. When she is not seeing patients, Lauren is an advocate for PAs in her Bay Area community and servse as a steering committee member for the San Francisco Bay Area Physician Assistants. She also works with multiple local universities to train the next generation of PA students through preceptorship and mentoring. When not working, Lauren loves to explore the great outdoors with her husband.

In her own words,

"Dermatology is such a unique specialty in medicine. Because the skin can sometimes be the first thing seen by patients, it can be the beginning of a long and windy trail to a diagnosis and treatment plan. Our skin is also much more connected with our mental health than than sometimes thought. For example, a teen with severe acne can lead to a diminished self esteem. Sometimes, the smallest improvements in the appearance of the skin can lead to major changes in mental health or self esteem!

Trust is the absolute most important thing I need to build and maintain with my patients! My professional style and the way I carry myself informs my patient's first thoughts about me. Can they have confidence in my skills and education? Can they trust me? Though this decision is not 100% informed by the way I look when I walk in the room, that often starts the process on the best foot possible!"

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