Erin Handspiker, Medical Student

Erin Handspiker is a 4th year medical student from Canada who is currently living in New York. Erin's journey in medicine was inspired by a life changing accident when she endured a number of injuries last year from falling 300 from a cliff. Because of this, Erin gained a different perspective of her medical journey and now her goal is to share her story with others pursuing medicine as she works towards becoming an emergency medicine physician.

In her own words,

"Since my accident last summer, I have taken a huge interest in sharing my story through medical school with other people who are considering a medical related field, or are in one. I feel from my accident that I can share aspects of the process that are not always shown on social media accounts, whether it be the not so glamorous moments, or the reality of its difficulty. 

My professional style means presenting myself in a way that is welcoming, comforting, appropriate and accepted to any person I may encounter, regardless of race or culture. This means to me that both my fellow professional colleagues as well as patients do not feel offended or uncomfortable with my choice in attire. As a person with a number of tattoos, and now scars from my accident, this is important to me as although I have my own style and choices outside of the hospital, creating an atmosphere that encourages comfort and communication is of highest importance."

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