Brian Fiani, DO

Dr. Brian Fiani is a Neurosurgery Resident in Palm Springs, California. He is one of the youngest graduates in the history of his medical school at age 24. Outside of his medical career, Dr. Fiani loves athletic outdoor activities such as tennis, golf, and hiking, as well as working out.

In his own words,

"My favorite thing about my job is being able to have a hands-on immediate impact on a patient’s life. The biggest challenge would be the total amount of vast knowledge a neurosurgeon must have and maintain but it is that intellectual challenge that pushes me to continue the pursuit of excellence in my field each day.

Professional style means adding your personal flair on a timeless tradition. Professional style, although mostly about attire, also relates to how one carries themself and conveys themself in their attire. Sofisticated and classy with confidence and charisma."

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