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Daniela Salazar, PA-S

Daniela Salazar, PA-S

Daniela Salazar is a PA student from Colombia who is currently studying at Florida State University. When she isn't studying, Daniela's passions outside of medicine include fitness, nutrition, and traveling. She also loves helping other pre PA students, and enjoys being a positive role model by maintaining balance in her life and taking care of her own physical and mental health.

In her own words,

"One of my passions is to serve the underserved and minority populations. I have been awarded the National Health Corps Scholarship and I will be working in an underserved rural area for 2 years after I graduate PA school. It’s important to know that there are a lot of people out there who have no access to health insurance because of their immigration status, their low income, their race, and other factors. As a future PA in this specialty and as a minority myself, I hope to bridge this gap between the underserved and make a difference in these patients’ lives. 

My favorite thing about PA school has been the patient interactions and the procedures we have learned. I have enjoyed every part of my journey, weather that means studying all weekend, or learning how to perform pelvic and prostates exams. The biggest challenge is maintaining balance when school can almost absorb all of your time. I have learned to make time for me and my fitness regardless of how busy I am because ultimately my happiness and my health are equally as important as my career."

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