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Custom Logo Lab Coats

Custom logo lab coats optimize the presence of a clinician or scientist. For those who value the impression they make on their patients, colleagues and staff, custom logo lab coats represent the best and perhaps the easiest way to maximize your appearance. Like everything else in life, there are differences in the styling, tailoring and quality of lab coats. What is less appreciated are the differences in the styling and quality of embroidery. We’ve found one medical apparel company that takes as much pride in their custom logos as they do in their lab coats. That company is Medelita // Medelita is a company that has built its business upon exceptional custom fabrics uniquely suited for custom logo lab coats, sophisticated styling and hand tailoring. It follows then that their in-house custom embroidery services would be staffed by the same quality of artisans you’ll find throughout their organization. They are artists who meticulously take each customer’s logo and transform it into a three dimensional work of art. They understand the potential of embroidery and use that knowledge to create exquisite symbols on elegant custom logo lab coats and scrubs. They’ve been given the finest thread and equipment available. Even more important, they’re allowed whatever time it takes to perfect each logo, embellishing it with more stitches perhaps, to enhance the way it catches the light. If the purpose of purchasing a custom logo lab coat is to present yourself in the best possible manner, Medelita should certainly be among the sources you’re considering. Ordering a custom logo lab coat, which can be a tedious process, has been simplified at Medelita. A custom logo specialist will be assigned to assist you. She’ll expedite the process and make it painless. For a description of that process, refer to the personalization section of their website. There, you’ll see samples of their work that will inspire and motivate you.