Medelita has partnered with CIR/SEIU to provide its members with exclusive access to a member discount for products sold at We kindly ask that you use the link below to the verification form which will provide valid proof of membership. Once we verify your membership you will receive your discount code [this process can take up to five (5) business days]. Then, simply enter your code upon checkout or give the code to your customer service representative if you order by phone:

Why do I have to go through a verification process?

You are submitting a request to a program reserved specially for resident members of CIR/SEIU. For quality control purposes, and to ensure only those people who fall under the required conditions are able to obtain this special offer, we have a very short qualification process we ask you to participate in. All information collected is strictly controlled and is never shared outside the context of this particular verification request. We do not store your information. We do not sell your information. Once we have verified your membership status, the information gathered from you via form, email, or contact form, is purged from our database.

What other options do I have?

Anyone with a valid form of payment may purchase with us online or via phone. To receive a discount that is specifically reserved for members of this group, we simply need to ensure that every request is valid. If you have questions or concerns about our policy, please email or phone 877.987.7979.

Click here to complete the verification form at (opens a new tab).