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Your Opinion Matters: Help Us Choose the Next Color For Our Men's and Women's Scrubs

Medelita Women's Scrub PantsIt was during these summer months in 1908 when the first public Suffragette rallies were held - when women first united to publically demand a voice. I make the occasional private joke about how content I would be as a housewife or a princess, but the reality is that I have a career that I love because of those women that fought on my behalf. And, princess envy aside, I would be furious if my opinion was dismissed based solely on gender. Or if I was married off in exchange for a plot of land. Today, we live in an age of open communication.  The majority of us have voices and platforms for those voices, including Facebook, Twitter, online journals and blogs.  We've become so used to being asked for our opinion nowadays, that actually giving our opinion seems to have lost its importance.  I don't fill out 'how did we do?' cards at stores, and I rarely take the time to go to the web link on my receipt to ‘tell us about our customer service.’  A hundred years ago, most companies (and even the government) wouldn't have really cared what I thought or what I wanted - and now I tend to take opportunities to give my opinion for granted. At Medelita, we are blessed with amazing customers that take the time to tell us how much we've positively affected their daily lives. We're a company that listens - our direction is determined by YOUR voice. Every new set of medical scrubs and lab coats that we introduce is driven by customer and colleague feedback, so each opinion and personal request truly matters to our team. We received an email recently asking us to add new scrub colors to our line-up.  As our new Caribbean Blue scrubs launch this month, we're getting ready to begin the process of developing the next new color . . . and YOU get to decide what that color will be. Please take a minute to choose your top three choices for NEW scrub colors, so we can ensure that we’re adding colors that YOU want.

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