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Get The Look: Yang's Wear Abouts Style Guide

Hello Medelita and friends! I’m Yang from Yang’s Wear Abouts and I am currently finishing up my third year of medical school in Pennsylvania. I graduated with a double major in Neuroscience and Biochemistry and worked as a scribe and research assistant before beginning medical school. I plan to pursue a surgical career and can’t wait to begin!

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Although my blog contains lots of tips for medical students and pre-meds, it was initially started as a style and travel blog. Choosing my outfit and accessories has always been fun for me so I decided to channel that into my own website. As a woman in medicine, professional style requires a balance of being work-appropriate and still staying true to how I like to present myself. The first two years of medical school were great because I could wear whatever I wanted (which was mostly just sweats during my long study sessions). Now that I’m in the hospital I always try to find ways to incorporate a little bit of “me” into my outfits. Too often, professional style is translated as boring or drab, which doesn’t have to be the case! Adding a little bit of color or an accent piece will make things more fun while still keeping it appropriate.


I don’t own many traditional work pieces so when I purchase them, I like to select neutrals with a timeless silhouette. This white top paired with the tan skirt are actually from my working days as a research assistant! I chose to pair my Vera G. Slim Fit Lab Coat with a teal statement necklace, which really pops against the white top. I finished it off with a pair of pointed black heels, another staple in my closet. These are from Nine West and have just enough heel that it lengthens my silhouette without making it impossible to walk.


I always err on the side of caution when it comes to dressing in the hospital. If I ever question that something is too short or too tight, it probably is. I also like to balance my outfits - if my bottom is a pencil skirt, my top will be looser and more flowy. It always helps to remind myself that professional style can still be personal.