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Why do they cost more??

We occasionally get a comment or email along the lines of "Wow that's expensive.  Why?"  I used to just shutter with anxiety when faced with this question.  But that was an early issue . . . long gone.  I wrote this email to a female customer a while back to answer that exact question . . . . As someone who's worn scrubs and lab coats every day of work as a PA for the last 9 years (mainly ER), I was always looking for something of higher quality. Better fabric. Better fit. Better sewing. Better durability. Just an overall better appearance. And comfort - too. I never could say (previously) that my scrubs or lab coat were very comfortable. Abrasive and yucky would be a better description. And when you consider how much time we spend in the darn things - yikes. So all of those "goals" force the price up. Specifically, "made in USA" triples our sewing costs - but that was what I chose to support the U.S. economy and to have a closer eye on quality control. Sewing curves rather than straight lines adds a ton of expense - it is much, much more difficult to sew a woven fabric that truly fits and flatters the female figure. Straight, boxy lines are cheap! One of our mottos is "scrubs are square and women are not." And we sew almost every single seam with a slight curve to it. We even have darting at the bust and great shaping in the rear/leg - giving an elongated appearance that's so flattering. The performance fabrics that we use are more than quadruple the "typical" scrub fabric costs - but I think it's worth it. The fabric lasts much, much longer. It doesn't pill. It doesn't fade. It washes well. And it does something! Our scrubs are moisture wicking and odor resistant (Dri-release/FreshGuard) and our lab coats repel and release stains (Advanced Dual Action Teflon fabric protector). Makes so much sense for a white coat!! We hear from customers who are telling us that "blood literally just rolls off my lab coat." Wonderful! We also spend a great deal of time and expense on customer service, to ensure that everyone has a good experience and that their questions are answered. That's so important to me as a PA/clinician myself, as I'm providing a product to my true colleagues. I stand behind it, personally. So those are just a couple of things that drive the price to be more than the average scrubs and/or lab coat.