Aamisha Gupta, MD What’s Your “Why”?

What’s Your “Why”?

It's the reason you got into medicine and why you wake up every morning to get to work. It’s what excites you about your field and working with your patients. Do you know your “why”?

Leaders In Medicine Tell Us Their “Why”

Medical professionals talk about their inspiration and why they got into medicine.

Pediatric cardiologist Aamisha Gupta, MD says, “I started my path in medicine at a young age and I was first exposed to cardiology actually as a high school student with a cardiac anesthesiologist.” She explains that the person who inspired her to go into medicine was her dad. “My father who always supported strong women in medicine and going into the field of medicine,” says Dr. Gupta.

Monica Kieu, DO, FACS, a facial plastic surgeon, explains that her mom inspired her to go into medicine. “She’s been a pediatrician for over 40 years,” says Dr. Kieu. “The kids she takes care of are now bringing their kids in to see her and so she forms these really long lasting relationships.”

Pulmonary and critical care physician Jamie Rutland, MD found his calling in medicine as a child and young adult being concerned for his grandparents and wanting to learn about their health conditions.

“As I watched my grandparents go through their conditions (my grandma had a tracheostomy forever, grandfather had emphysema) I kinda just started to develop these thoughts of what I wanted to know,” says Dr. Rutland. He explains that he wanted to learn about what was affecting his grandparents and discovered pulmonary and critical care. “I just fell right into that.”

“It actually begins when I was in the fifth grade I wrote down ‘get a scholarship basketball north carolina or georgetown or go to medical school and become a doctor’ and it went on my grandparent’s refrigerator and once it’s on grandpa’s refrigerator, that’s it, it’s done.”

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