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What to Wear Under Scrubs to Keep Warm and Comfortable

Whether it is your daily work uniform or something you find yourself putting on a couple days a week, scrubs are a major part of your wardrobe and your life. That means you are wearing them year-round, even when temperatures are at an all-time low outside during the winter, and the air conditioning is running at full-speed inside. The scrubs you wear are meant to be well-designed and simple, but they sometimes aren’t enough to keep you cozy on the cold days.

Follow this guide to learn more about what to wear under (and over) your women's scrubs to keep you warm year-round.

1. Scrub Undershirts

women’s under scrub long sleeve tee

What you wear underneath your scrubs should not only be high-quality but also something you can wear once you leave the hospital and are on-the-go. These climate-focused under scrub tees not only give you an added layer of protection from the chilly hallways of your medical facility, but they also help keep you cool when it gets too hot outside, or when you’re working hard inside. Plus, the under scrub t-shirt has 4-way stretch, which makes it contoured for comfort and gives you a reason to wear it other places too, like the grocery store, the gym, or even to bed.

2. Scrub Jackets

women’s navy scrub jacket

Some days it feels so cold inside that you might be tempted to wear a blanket on top of your scrubs. For those days, zip on an athletic, yet sophisticated, looking women's scrub jacket, that’s durable, modern-looking, and antimicrobial. These scrub jackets are comfortable and classy, making it easy to stay warm when you’re at work, and fashionable when you’re not, since you could wear this jacket when you’re out and about. It’s made with premium fabrics so it’s extremely durable, holding up well in the wash, resisting both wrinkles and shrinkage.

3. Slim-Fit Lab Coats

While in the past, your lab coat might not have been something you were excited to wear when you worked, it’s time to get introduced to a contemporary and slim-fitting lab coat, that not only will keep you warm, but will keep you looking sophisticated, without hampering your ability to move or sacrifice comfort. These men's lab coats and women's lab coats have proprietary technology in the fabric, holding the ability to keep you cool on hot days and warm on days when there is an extra chill in the air. Plus, it takes on stains, repealing fluids and soil.

Looking for some great clothing to wear under your scrubs? Try Medelita’s Underscrubs for men and women.