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The Secret Male Demand for Quality

At Medelita, we have separate private single-stall bathrooms for men and women (No, I’m not entering a contest for strangest blog intro, I swear). I recently saw a male coworker leaving the women's bathroom, and I had to laugh because the men's bathroom was empty and less than five feet away. "It's nicer!," he said before darting back into his office. I've noticed that some men have a tendency to claim that the little 'luxury' details don't matter...until they discover the difference. My boyfriend buys Irish Spring in a 6-pack and then uses my L'Occitane Shea Butter soap, and I'd bet you know at least one man that secretly swears by Bath & Body Works and prefers high-end hair products (although he'll adamantly deny it). When Medelita was founded, we only offered a women's line of scrubs and lab coats. At the time, we didn't think there was much of a market for a men's line, since the 'unisex' styling was essentially masculine in both design and tradition. Boy, we were wrong! Our Founder always relays a flashback to one of the very first medical conferences (AAD) she attended as an exhibitor.  Anxious about even the female MDs liking and accepting the new Medelita lab coats, she was caught off guard when a very pushy and vocal male dermatologist forged his way through the slew of female MDs happily trying on lab coats, and said, with his fist on the table, “Where’s mine???”  Ok, she realized, so it’s not just women that have been unhappily wearing frumpy lab coats. It didn't take long for more men in the medical world to speak up and demand the same quality of garment. We were flooded with requests for tailored and professional looking lab coats and scrubs designed specifically for men. At Medelita, when the customer speaks, we always listen...and the Medelita Men's line was born. Today, we now offer four distinct lab coat designs for men: the full-length Osler lab coat, the mid-length Laennec lab coat, the Fauchard dental lab coat, and the Fleming consultation lab coat. Medelita Men's lab coats are 100% cotton and impeccably hand-sewn, like a tailored suit blazer.  At Medelita, we devote as much time to perfecting our garments for men as we do for women. The tailoring, fit and design features make our lab coats second to none because, after all, your lab coat is your suit, and you deserve to look your best.