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A Bold New Chapter

"It is not easy to be a pioneer - but oh, it is fascinating! I would not trade one moment, even the worst moment, for all the riches in the world."

-Elizabeth Blackwell

As 2017 barrels onward, the endless fire hose of current events can sometimes dominate the spectrum of attention, making it difficult to focus on what exactly just happened here over the last decade.

Since we started on this journey together in 2008, we’ve overcome all of the typical challenges faced by new entrepreneurs, and each milestone reached helped validate why we’re working so hard in our quiet corner of the world.

If one thing is certain, we’ve discovered that some plans are just plans and nothing else. Sometimes you have to think on your feet, sometimes you have to invent a way around a problem, and most times you just have to get the timing right.

Today’s healthcare landscape is so exciting, so forward-thinking – so drastically different even than it was since Lara left the ER to start this project…But the spirit of what makes her customer “colleagues” so inspiring has persisted and informs every decision we make (even the last-minute ones.)

In the spirit of agility, reflection, reinvention, and opportunism, we invite you to join us as the company takes its next leap into the future. Every product, right down to the fabric, buttons, trim, and stitching has been revisited and re-tested.

Finely tuned.

medelita products

We’re also beside ourselves with the arrival of our newest products. In Bernard and Rosalyn, we blend subtle features only found in fine suiting with the utility of a lab coat culminating in an elevated garment that is truly unique and special. In our Ionic scrub jackets for women we’ve invented a modern activewear jacket with hidden design features that only someone in medicine would find intensely satisfying. Finally, our Element stretch scrub collection is a product collaboration that took years to develop, and it absolutely shows. The fabric and fit is easily the best we’ve ever seen in scrubs, and built to last.

We refuse to cut corners.

You don’t take shortcuts with your patients and colleagues. We extend that courtesy in the products we make and the service we provide. Recently the consensus was that our existing logo didn’t represent this notion well, so we worked on a new mark that is seamless, clean, and on the cutting-edge.

medelita redesign

This is all an effort to maintain a constant positive trajectory of improvement. We are committed to a proactive approach to doing business, and that starts with how we treat our environment and each other. We look forward to sharing an exciting new chapter with you. Put simply, we are looking forward.