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The Embroidery Commitment

[caption id="attachment_438" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Medelita Embroidery"]Medelita Embroidery[/caption] Change. Some of us love it and some of us fear it, but change is an inevitable part of life. I happen to like change, which is probably why I've lived in two different countries and four different states in my 29 years of life. In fact I've become so comfortable with change that I've developed some commitment-phobic tendencies that I mask beneath the guise of "being an indecisive libra." (Thank you Zodiac for letting me blame my idiosyncrasies on the stars.) When you're spending more for a higher quality product, you want it to last forever, and in many ways, embroidery is a commitment. Whether it's a change in practice or title, or a new married name, it's not that rare for someone to desire a change in their embroidery. For those "libras" among us, one frequently asked question is, "Can you remove the embroidery and put a different name on my lab coat?" The short answer is yes, we can remove the stitching and re-embroider your new name. However, we don’t recommend it for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, you will always be able to see the stitching from the original embroidered name...even with professional cleaning and heavy steaming. If the new name is less letters than the original name, there is more of a chance of noticing the change than if the new name is the same length or longer.  Our embroidery artisan can try to alter the width and overall size of the embroidery to cover the original (by taking it all out and resizing), but it's not an ideal option. Removing the original embroidery is not very easy, and once in a while, no matter how hard we try or how much time we take, a slight hole can emerge from either the embroidery removal process, or simply the number of tiny holes purposefully placed in the fabric from the original embroidery. Removing the embroidery essentially lessens the integrity of the fabric. So do you have to choose between buying a new coat or damaging the quality of your existing one? Not at all. At Medelita, we have a great team dedicated to serving the needs of our customers, and that includes finding the best solution for any problem. A great option that we offer at Medelita is to allow our embroidery team to stitch a special white background straight on top of your original embroidery, and then have your new embroidery within that white pattern.  We’ve done that quite a few times and the customers have really liked it. No matter what changes your life may bring, you can rely on Medelita for the best customer support and dedication. We want you to be happy.