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Singing Rooster: Haitian Mountain Blue Coffee

T.S. Eliot once said, "I have measured out my life with coffee spoons." I could say the same - at least from about age seventeen onwards. At Medelita, we definitely love our coffee - and we have found an exceptional company (and great coffee!) that we'd like to share with you: Singing Rooster. Coffee has a long and rich history in Haiti, and Singing Rooster is a nonprofit organization that seeks to offer direct assistance to communities in Haiti by building self-sustaining economic infrastructures based, in part, on coffee growing, production and exportation. The coffee we have here at the office, Singing Rooster's Haitian Mountain Bleu coffee, is grown in the same region as the wildly successful Jamaican Blue - but at a fraction of the price. Each 12 oz bag of Haitian Mountain Blue is $9, and 100% of profits go back to Haiti. Singing Rooster helps farmers to cultivate and process high quality, gourmet Haitian coffee. They work with and buy their beans directly from farmer owned cooperatives. They provide pre-harvest financing and pay well above Fair Trade prices. Most importantly, they return all proceeds for coffee sales back to the farmers and their communities in the form of projects that support coffee production, land management, and small business development / entrepreneurship.