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Scrubs on The Rachael Ray Show

On the Rachael Ray show this morning a woman in scrubs was featured during a fashion segment, and style expert Clinton Kelly offered a guilty verdict. "You know what this look says to me?" asked Clinton, while looking at the drab attire of a scrub top and scrub pant. "Inmate!!" It's a shame that she wasn't wearing Medelita scrubs because I think he would have found it impossible to criticize.  But I have to agree that the vast majority of scrubs on the market today are boxy, ill-fitting, and un-flattering. It is mind-baffling to everyone here at Medelita that women and men in healthcare and dentistry are expected to wear shapeless, frumpy unisex lab coats and scrubs that do nothing to portray their true level of aptitude and professionalism.  As an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant, our Founder Lara Manchik found herself constantly frustrated by uncomfortable fabrics, horrendous fit, and unflattering silhouettes. By founding Medelita, she set out to create a paradigm shift and offer garments consistent with the level of prestige and achievement earned by doctors, surgeons, dentists, PAs and other medical professionals.  At Medelita, we believe that your uniform is an outer display of your achievement – the closest thing to wearing a diploma – and for that reason, it should be perfect. Are your scrubs flattering, or are you an inmate trapped in an uncomfortable prison of an abrasive and ill-fitting uniform?  We invite you to experience the comfort and confidence of wearing Medelita scrubs, and we're certain that even famous Hollywood stylists won't have a bad word to say.