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Product Spotlight: Ionic Scrub Jacket Reviewed by Life In The Med Lane

I'm a little bit over a week into my surgery rotation and it's been such a different experience! I was in family medicine for 8 weeks, and so being in the OR and in the surgery clinic has been such a different environment. One of my most favorite thing about it is the team work - each and every individual plays a vital role in the outcome of the patient. Anyway, I digress - today what I really wanted to share with you all is the Medelita Ionic Jacket! Which by the way,  I wish I can wear into the OR. 

This will be a "first impression" review since I haven't gotten a chance to actually wear this out to the hospital. I did wear it around the house with my workout clothes to lounge in. Hope you all enjoy this review!


There are only two options available, navy blue or black, but they're both gorgeous and it's important to note that these are the two colors that are very versatile to wear within different hospitals. After all, this is meant to be a scrub jacket.


I love the athletic style of this jacket, hence why I was wearing it with my workout clothes! It's got a sleek look to it, all the pockets you can ever ask for, and also a vent in the back to keep you cool. Also, the back is slightly longer to cover the tush if that's something that you like! As I mentioned, it's got A LOT of pockets so you're sure to have a place for your snacks, phone, pens, and whatever else you keep on hand. 


This women's scrub jacket fits a lot like a fleece! I love the structured shoulders, but shoppers should keep in mind that Medelita purposefully designed this jacket to have a longer length for better coverage. Since I'm only 5'2" it was definitely on the longer side for me. This was not a big problem for me though! It's not body-hugging either, meaning the fit is looser on me. I guess different overall fit for different body types, but you can see in the pictures how it lays on my frame. (I got the XS for reference).


Last but not least, the quality. When I first took it out of the packaging, the material seemed high-quality and and I knew this scrub jacket would keep me warm once I do get to wear it around the hospital (which I'm excited to wear it for!). When I did wear it to lounge around it, it kept me warm because I tend to get cold easily. As far as a material, it is a little stretchy, and the performance fabric has technology to dry super-fast just in case you spill anything on it ;) 

For more information about the Medelita Ionic Scrub Jacket, click HERE. To get 15% off your purchase, you can use the code "LIFEINTHEMEDLANE1" on check out! (And we can twin ;D).

About the author:

Dorothy Feliciano, founder of Life In The Med Lane, is a third year osteopathic medical student with a love of life, style, fitness, and medicine. As the first in her family to enter into medical school to become a physician, Dorothy loves sharing her life as a medical student through her popular blog and social media accounts.