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Save 25% on Medelita Student Lab Coats

I'm sure you all remember the moment that you received your first white coat. For some of our colleagues, it was during a White Coat Ceremony - a tradition symbolic of the beginning of your medical journey. For many, like guest blogger, Dr. Anne Kennard, the moment didn't live up to expectations. "The White Coat Ceremony was the beginning of medical school, the confirmation that yes, I was going to be a doctor, and I couldn't wait. As the dean of the program called my name and placed the coat on my shoulders, I smiled . . . and then noticed that the sleeves almost covered my fingers. I walked off the stage, a little disconcerted, pulling the coat around me, finding that it could wrap around far past the buttons." For others, disappointment followed a frustrating shopping trip. "I distinctly remember buying my first lab coat, required before starting PA school," says Founder, Lara Manchik, PA-C, "I went into a local uniform store that was stocked to the ceiling with completely shapeless, frumpy options. I was perplexed at the sizing that meant nothing to me, and the fabric that was abrasive and stiff. An initially exciting event had just turned sour, and I can remember that experience (15 years ago) clear as day. " Our primary goal at Medelita is to ensure that medical professionals feel confident and polished in their medical garments. Yet from everything we've heard and experienced, a reluctant acceptance of low-quality garments seems to be an intrinsic medical school experience. Never a company to shy away from challenges, we're seeking to shift this paradigm by offering a 25% discount on our line of professional student lab coats. By offering this deep discount on our Elizabeth B. women's student lab coat and our Fleming men's student lab coat, we're hoping to make these quality garments more accessible for medical students. Through this program, we're dedicated to providing medical students with garments deserving of their chosen career - tailored lab coats that reflect the prestige and aptitude of the path ahead of them. For Anne Kennard, MD, Medelita made a difference that it's our sincere hope to bring to students nationwide, "Then, I got my Medelita white coat. [...] Now, I walk in confidently, knowing that I look professional and polished, and that this is a better representation of me." Please forward or share this with your colleagues, and help us to make medical students more aware of the discount available to them.