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Reward The Messenger

Unsurprisingly, many of our Medelita customers have learned about us through word-of-mouth from other colleagues.  Just like trading info on a great babysitter, restaurant, or mechanic, sharing the source for excellent lab coats and scrubs – Medelita – is spreading the good news around.  With this in mind we wanted to make sure you knew about our colleague referral program so you can gain more than just the credit for a good find.   If you are a current customer, you can be earning free store credit at by letting colleagues know where you got your professional medical apparel, Sanita clogs and leather physician bags. It’s pretty simple:  Log in to your account (or create a new one in seconds), click on the “refer a colleague” button near the bottom of that page, and enter the email addresses of the colleagues you want to inform about Medelita.  When your colleagues receive your email, they will visit the Medelita website by clicking on the links provided in that email.  Once they create an account they will automatically receive $20 of Medelita store credit to apply to any order over $100. Better yet, onnce their first order is completed, you will also receive $20 in store credit – to use anytime within the next year.  There is no limit to the credit you can earn.   You can read more about the details here:  // So while it is nice to give someone the catalog from your most recent package, or to simply mention, it might be even nicer for you to be earning store credit for your good deeds.  And if you are not a customer yet, find a colleague who is a customer and ask them to refer you.  Nobody can pass up a free lunch! refer a friend