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The Official List Of Best Workplaces for Nurses

Nurses are undoubtedly a crucial part of our nation’s health and healthcare system. They are consistently on the frontlines of patient care, forming bonds and healing patients in a way that cannot be overstated. With Nurses Week coming up in just a few weeks, we put together our Nursing Workplace Awards to recognize hospitals and programs in the US that have gone above and beyond in creating a nurse-friendly workplace that exemplifies the dedication of their nursing staff.

Here is our list of the Official Top 20 Best Workplaces for Nurses:


Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is an ideal place for nurse graduates looking to seamlessly transition into their new role in a clinical setting. Their Nurse Residency Program allows nurses to choose from among eight different tracks where they will learn how to navigate the challenges of their new roles through didactic learning sessions and hands-on clinical training. Nurse Residents are considered full-time employees and are therefore eligible for benefits and PTO, and the educational component of this program allows nurses to hone their skills in areas such as delegation, time management, patient engagement, diversity, nursing quality, safety, research, ethical decision-making, and more.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta 

The Professional Practice Model at CHOA is meant to empower their nursing staff to be the best nurses they can be while also promoting a healthy work-life balance. As they receive guidance in Relationship-Based Care (RBC), improving patient outcomes, leadership and advocacy, and evidence-based practice, nurses are given a solid foundation for their nursing practice and lifelong professional development. CHOA is dedicated to giving their nursing staff all the tools they need to deliver high quality care and become successful at all levels. Their care model is also unique in that it promotes the development of therapeutic relationships between nurses, patients, and their families so as to facilitate the healing process and improve health outcomes.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

Meridian Health Ann May Center for Nursing 

Meridian Health has been featured on FORTUNE Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For the past five years, and their robust nursing program supports this position. The Ann May Center for Nursing at Meridian Health offers competitive salaries for the nurses who work there, as well as benefits and opportunities for educational counseling, clinical placements, lectures, workshops, alumni resources, recognition for professional excellence. They emphasize the role of nurses and are committed to recognizing the complex demands of this profession and as a Magnet certified program, Meridian Health is also in the top quartile of NDNQUI Nurse Satisfaction scores.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

UNC Healthcare Division of Nurses

The University of North Carolina Hospital encourages collaboration between nurses, patients and their families, and other members of the medical team in their goal towards holistic and compassionate patient care. Their nursing program encourages nurses to not only connect with their patients, but also to advocate for their patients in clinical and organizational decision making. As a magnet certified workplace, UNC fosters an environment of professionalism, leadership, and clinical expertise among its nurse employees. To this end, in 2013 UNC created their Nursing Quality & Research Department that aims to advance the knowledge in the field of nursing, and empower nurses to use critical thinking to inform their practice.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

Baptist Health Nurse Scholars 

A 5-time consecutive Magnet designated workplace, Baptist Health (and the affiliated Baptist Hospital) promotes excellence in nursing at every one of its hospitals and facilities, including Mariners Hospital which in 2012 became the first Florida hospital to earn Pathway to Excellence designation from ANCC. Through its Nurse Scholars Program Baptist Health has fully committed to training a nursing workforce equipped to handle the rigors of the field and address the ongoing shortage of RNs in the region. It accomplishes these goals by offering full or partial scholarships, entry-level nursing programs, and advanced degree nursing programs which are made available to existing Baptist Health employees. Because of their dedication to fostering nurse development in the present and future, Baptist Health stands out as a nursing employer that invests in their staff and enables them to achieve excellence.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

Mercy RN 

Mercy’s Nursing Program is the recipient of numerous nursing awards and accreditations that recognize its excellence as both a patient-centric healthcare provider and a high-performing nursing workplace. Their nursing program is unique in that it recognizes both the big picture and the small picture things that create exceptional health outcomes and leave a lasting impression on patients and employees alike. Furthermore, Mercy Health offers multiple programs for their nursing staff to hone their professional development and clinical skills, allowing nurses at Mercy Health to continue their training and receive advanced certifications.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

Cleveland Clinic Nursing Institute

With around twenty-two thousand nurse caregivers under its practice, Cleveland Clinic’s Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence is one of the most prominent nursing workplaces in the regions of Ohio and Florida. This impressive scale makes it all the more impressive that the Zielony Institute has preserved the human connection and personal relationships that make nursing such an integral part of a patient’s care. Cleveland Clinic and the Zielony Institute are dedicated to nurse leadership and comprehensive world-class patient care, while also remaining committed to employee satisfaction and community involvement.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

Carolina’s Medical Center

Carolinas Medical Center provides newly graduated RNs and about-to-graduate RNs with multiple nurse residency programs that can be tailored to one’s professional interests and career goals. They also stand out to us as a family and nurse friendly workplace because of their emphasis on work-life balance for their employees. As a part of the larger Carolinas Healthcare System, CMC offers a number of employee benefits that make it an attractive choice for nurses - including flexible scheduling options, spending arrangements for childcare, and relocation contributions.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

Massachusetts General Hospital Norman Knight Nursing Center 

Nurses who work at Massachusetts General Hospital have access to the uniquely designed Norman Knight Nursing Center, a designated resource and education support tool designed to meet the needs of various nursing staff members. Responsible for a variety of functions to assist and facilitate nursing care, the Nursing Center enables staff on-boarding, ongoing clinical training, and professional development. Not only does this educational resource serve as a hub for nursing staff to adhere to regulatory compliance, the Norman Knight offers an online course catalog that gives nurses access to hundreds of courses that can be taken electively or in conjunction with specialized training.

Learn more about their nursing center here.

Children’s Healthcare Dallas 

The nursing staff model at Children’s Healthcare Dallas is all about synergy and the idea that happy, empowered nurses will create better patient outcomes. With a philosophy centered around nurse competencies, healthy work environments, and patient needs, CHoD trains their nursing workforce to meet the needs of patients and their families. Nurses at CHoD are also encouraged to be innovators and educators, and to take an active role as community leaders in the surrounding area of Dallas-Fort Worth through volunteerism, charity work, and educational speaking opportunities.

Learn more about their nursing model here.

Schneck Medical Center 

Schneck Medical Center has a longstanding reputation for nursing excellence and is frequently listed among the top 5 nurse-friendly workplaces in the nation. At this collaborative work environment with amazing employee benefits and the ability to self-schedule, nurses have the flexibility to pursue professional development, hone their clinical skills, and achieve that elusive work-life balance while enjoying a richly fulfilling career. Schneck goes above and beyond in providing value to its nursing staff, and even offers tuition assistance, nurse residency programs, advanced certification assistance, and special pay practices.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

Deaconess Nursing 

Deaconess recognizes the potential of its nursing workforce through a highly developed nursing shared governance structure. With a well established network of nurse leaders and interdisciplinary teams, Deaconess plays host to a wide variety of nurse-led initiatives that represent the interests and professional development of the nurses who work there. Deaconess offers a work environment that fosters the professional growth and advancement of its nurses, and also offers benefits such as shift incentives and flexible scheduling to help support a healthy work-life balance.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

UCLA Health 

UCLA sets the bar high for nursing programs who wish to empower and inspire their nursing workforce. Their program offers a number of education events, specialty certification courses, and nursing workshops that give their nurses the opportunity to pursue lifelong learning. As a Magnet recognized workplace UCLA Health has demonstrated a commitment to celebrating their nurses through awards, recognition, and a professional governance model that allows nursing staff to submit suggestions for practice changes and improvements. This empowers nurses at UCLA Health to enact change and take charge of their own careers, while creating a highly innovative and nurse-friendly work environment.

Learn more about their program here.

El Camino Hospital 

At El Camino Hospital nurses and nurse leadership are true changemakers, and are fundamental to the hospitals greater vision of care, compassion, and professionalism. They have a creative work environment that encourages nurses to participate in evidence based practice research projects, interdisciplinary collaboration, and mentorship. Not only do these activities help the medical community at large and lead to better patient outcomes, they also empower the nurses at El Camino to play a key role in establishing standards of practice. Their success in inspiring their nursing workforce and providing a nurse-friendly workplace is evident in their high levels of employee satisfaction and professional development.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

Rhode Island Hospital 

Rhode Island Hospital understands that its nurses are the essential link between a patient and positive health outcomes. Their professional practice environment holds nurses to a high level of autonomous clinical decision making and accountability. This in turn leads to a synergistic model that creates empowered individual nurses and happy healthy patients. Outside of the hospital nurses at Rhode Island Hospital are given numerous opportunities for achievement and community involvement, leadership, and national recognition.

Learn more about their nursing program here.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital prides itself on supporting pediatric health through its highly accomplished workforce of compassionate nurses. In an environment of positivity and inspiration, nurses at CCH are given the tools they need for professional development and the freedom to explore many different clinical settings and advanced nursing specialties. CCH also offers training opportunities for newly graduated nurses and leadership opportunities for nurses who are well established in their professional careers, as well as the ability to earn CME hours free of cost through its streamlined CloudCME training module.

Learn more about nursing at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital here.

Houston Methodist Hospital

Another Magnet accredited workplace included in this list, Houston Methodist knows that its exceptional patient care relies on the skills and leadership of its nursing workforce. Nurses at all levels and specialties are given many different avenues to build experience, hone their clinical skills and training, and learn from mentors and preceptors. Their Nursing Residency program specifically provides practical solutions to help new nurses launch their careers and transition into their roles with ease.

Learn more about nursing at Houston Methodist here.

St Joseph’s Health 

With over 800 practicing nurses on its team, St Joseph’s Health relies on its nursing workforce to help them accomplish their practice model and relationship-based delivery system. The nursing practice at St Joseph’s is exceptional as shown by its Magnet designation, with many different specialties and subspecialties for nurses to engage in. St Joseph’s provides a healthy and positive work environment for nurses by offering a Holistic Care Center where nurses can relax, meditate, and decompress from their often stressful shifts.

Learn more about their nursing model here.

Seattle Children’s Hospital

The nursing program at Seattle Children’s Hospital uses the acronym CHILD to convey the essential elements of its practice model: Care delivery, Healthy work environment, Innovations and improvements, Leadership and governance, and Development of nurses. Because of their emphasis on autonomy balanced with interdisciplinary engagement, Seattle Children’s is an empowering workplace for nurses to flourish and fulfill their greatest potential. In addition, nurses at Seattle Children’s have access to a number of employee benefits, wellness programs, and employee care programs designed to maximize a healthy work-life balance.

Learn more about nursing at Seattle Children’s Hospital here.

WVU Medicine - J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital

It’s hard to imagine a workplace that is more nurse-friendly than J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital, a branch of WVU medicine. In addition to providing flexible scheduling and weekend incentives for its nursing staff, this exceptional nursing program even offers lodging accommodations for RNs who commute from out of the area so that they can choose to stay in town free of charge to work their shifts at the hospital. Combine all that with their inspiring philosophy of caring and evidence based practice, and it comes as no surprise that J.W. Ruby has consistently earned designation as a Magnet accredited workplace.

Learn more about nursing at J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital here.