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5 Tips For Nurses To Use Massage As A Source For Reducing Stress

One of the most rewarding and inspiring professions in the world is that of the nurse. While doctors get the vast majority of credit for the healing that occurs with patients, nurses also deserve recognition for the crucial role they play in the healing process.

Nurses are usually are the first line of defense against any kind of emergency health issue that may arise. Nurses are constantly in contact with patients, meaning that they are the first to recognize when an issue has arisen, and are the ones that are generally providing the therapy that helps in the healing of the patient.

Many nurses find their job to be extremely rewarding, and are always looking for ways to be able to improve the patient care that they provide. While it is often overlooked in a medical setting, massage therapy when administered in a safe and controlled setting can be a very effective way to aid a patient to feel better.

Here are five tips for nurses so that you can use massage as a source for reducing stress and improving healing in your patients.


Reducing Patient Anxiety

Let’s face it, many patients are extremely anxious about the procedure or treatment that they are receiving. Maybe they’re not getting better as quickly as they desire or think they should, perhaps they find themselves feeling worse, or are in need of surgery and are waiting for that to occur. There are a number of reasons a patient might feel a great deal of anxiety in a clinical setting.

Massage has been found to provide a great many unofficial therapeutic effects for anyone who is suffering from anxiety or stress. The physical process of having someone massage the parts of your body so that blood flow increases and that healing occurs more quickly can have profound effects in helping to reduce stress.

Most importantly, this kind of physical contact can be of great benefit in helping a patient to feel better. Usually, patients feel more at ease as the massage process is occurring, allowing them to open up and talk about their issues. This open communication can be of great benefit in the healing process and will be discussed more later.

Be A Good Listener

As mentioned, because of the stress that the patient is under creating a situation where they are open to discuss their anxiety and fears can be extremely beneficial for the patient. Most often what they are looking for is someone who will simply listen to them while they talk about what it is that is bothering them. A good nurse has a golden opportunity to provide an ear that enables the patient to be able to discuss his or her concerns.

The soothing effects of the massage coupled with the ability to discuss one’s personal issues can have as many therapeutic effects as surgery or medication, if done safely and within the boundaries of nurse and patient. This is why this can be a great choice for nurses to employ.

Massage Can Greatly Improve Healing Process

One of the things that massage therapists have understood for years is the fact that massage can do a great many things in terms of improving the healing process. The most important of these is the fact that massage improves blood flow, which allows the nutrients and minerals that the body produces, as well as the medications that are being provided, to more easily reach areas that need the healing to occur.

By providing this kind of therapy, areas where there have been surgery, injury, or illness can undergo an improved sense of healing, and in no time the person will feel the ultimate benefits of this kind of therapy. It is not only in the improved blood flow, but as mentioned before massage therapy can help a person to feel better and a better sense of wellness always improves overall health.

Consult the Physician

To be on the safe side, all nurses should consult the physician before applying massage technique, especially two areas of injury or illness. Some of these areas may be extremely tender or diminished in terms of overall strength, and so before providing any kind of massage technique is important to discuss this with the physician to make sure that no form of injury could occur as a result of the massage.

Be Professional at All Times

One last tip to consider is the fact that nurses must always be professional whenever they are providing a massage to a patient. Consider that there are many innuendo stereotypes that are related to this kind of treatment, and as long as you are extremely professional in the way that you speak to the patient, the actions you perform, and the mannerisms you display, you eliminate any kind of thought that the patient may start to have about what this massage therapy could turn into.

It does not matter what kind of injury the patient has endured, providing a massage can be a great way to improve the healing process. Whether a person is looking for back pain relief, relief from soreness in the abdomen, or improve circulation to the feet or toes, massage can be an extremely effective technique in helping to improve the healing process, and is another great way that nurses can be the true bringers of care.

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