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New Medelita Web Specials

I've spoken extensively about the standard of perfection that we strive for here at Medelita. While some companies may consider perfection to be defined as 'too small a defect for anyone to notice', we notice everything. As a manufacturer, our garments go through a stringent 4.0 AQL inspection process, but if a certified garment doesn't meet the Medelita standard of perfection, we've historically refused to sell it. By the same token, we're always constantly working to improve our existing product line, whether it's changing a fabric just slightly or moving a pocket. This has left us with the question of, "What should we do with the garments that are not quite perfect?" I'm excited to tell you that we've recently decided to offer these garments at a discount. Medelita has launched a new addition to our store: Web Specials. When you visit our site, you now have the ability to purchase Medelita ‘Discontinued’ garments or ‘Certified Seconds’ at discounted prices. Discontinued items include certain scrub colors (such as café and iris), and styling features that are no longer part of our current offering (such as our first version of the Lucy HT Dental Coat). These items are of first-quality and exist in limited quantities, as they have been phased out of production. Certified Seconds are garments with slight fabric or sewing imperfections. The exact imperfection of every garment varies.  Specific examples include small/thin ‘fly yarns’ on the white lab coat fabric (from the cotton plant), subtle marks on the fabric (scrub or lab coat), slight sewing imperfections, off-shade colors (not perfectly white), or discontinued fabrics (original fabric was heavier than current). These are garments that didn't meet our own extremely high standards of perfection, but are still garments that could be worn proudly. If an imperfection is so great that anyone on the Medelita team wouldn’t want to wear it, then it is not in either of the above categories, and slotted for donation. It’s important to understand that all Web Special sales are FINAL and cannot be returned or exchanged. We also do not allow embroidery options for web specials items.  If you require name & title embroidery or custom logo or professional organization logo embroidery, please purchase a first-quality garment. For more information, visit our Web Specials or call us at 877.987.7979. Our friendly, professional team is here to answer any questions.