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Looking Back On The Father Of Modern Neurosurgery

Known as the “father of modern neurosurgery,” Harvey Williams Cushing was one of the most important contributors to medicine, particularly in the field of surgery, of the 20th century. With an A.B. degree from Yale University and a medical degree from Harvard, Cushing began his successful career as a surgeon in Baltimore, where he would later go on to open his own private practice.

However, it was while working in England under renowned physician Emil Theodor Kocher, that Cushing made his first major contribution to medical science: the Cushing reflex, which describes the relationship between blood pressure and intracranial pressure.

Cushing made what is arguably his most important contribution to neuroscience by bringing to America a prototype of Scipione Riva-Rocci’s sphygmomanometer, a groundbreaking device that could non-invasively measure blood pressure. After Cushing introduced the technology to the United States, its use spread throughout the western world and blood pressure became a measurable vital sign for physicians of the day.

Cushing gained his true claim to fame in 1912, with the discovery of what is now known as  Cushing’s disease, a disease which results in a malfunction of the pituitary gland. Among his many accomplishments, Cushing is also notable for developing operating procedures, techniques and equipment that are still used today, many of which greatly reduced high mortality rates that had been commonly associated with brain surgery.

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