Dagny Zhu, MD, Lara Francisco, PA-C, Sarah Oreck, MD

National Women Physicians Day 2022 & J. Wright Lab Coat Launch

National Women Physicians Day is celebrated on February 3rd, which is the birthday of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female physician in the U.S. The holiday was founded 6 years ago by Dr. Hala Sabry and Dr. Kim Jackson as a way to create awareness around female physicians and the inequalities they have faced, with a focus on empowering future women physicians.

MEDELITA celebrates National Women Physicians Day every year by sharing others’ stories and raising up all the women who overcame great obstacles to become physicians and serve others.

“We choose to continually honor this day for all female physicians,” says MEDELITA founder, Lara Francisco, PA-C. “MEDELITA, founded in 2008, has always been a physician centric company bringing to light the issues, the struggles, the sacrifices, and the victories of all female physicians and telling more of their stories, giving them a platform, and for more people to hear what it’s like to be a female physician.”

MEDELITA sat down with Dr. Sarah Oreck (@sarahoreckmd), Reproductive Psychiatrist, and Dr. Dagny Zhu (@dzeyemd), Ophthalmologist, to discuss what National Women Physicians Day and #FemPower, the female empowerment movement, means to them.

Dr. Oreck and Dr. Zhu

Dr. Oreck explains that National Women Physicians Day, “means honoring all of those women that have come before us and paved the way in medicine and also thinking about the future and how we can really reach equity and parity in medicine [by] having more women physicians as well as more women physicians in leadership positions.”

“#FemPower for me means being able to lean into all the things I love about being a woman and feeling empowered by the women that have helped me through my career and helping other women along the way,” says Dr. Oreck.

For Dr. Zhu, National Women Physicians Day, “celebrates all the powerhouse women who are pushing boundaries everyday in medicine.”

“I think about all the trailblazers that came before us and paved the way for us… but also how much further we have to go in terms of empowering women into leadership roles.” Dr. Zhu sums up saying, “we celebrate on this holiday all the women who continue to elevate women in medicine today.”

“#FemPower is the perfect combination of what a woman in medicine can be.” Dr. Zhu goes on to explain that, “it really shows that we can still be a woman – look like a woman, dress like a woman, be proud of our femininity, and show that we can still be professional, skilled physicians”

In celebration of National Women Physicians Day, MEDELITA is launching the new J. Wright Slim Fit Lab Coat. It’s a beautiful, classic piece featuring performance fabric, a peaked lapel, gorgeous finishing and details, generous room for name and title embroidery, and plenty of pockets.

One of the more important, purposeful features of this new lab coat is the inverted back pleat, which allows for extended forward reach.

“I’m always thinking about ergonomics,” says Lara. “I want to always make a thoughtful garment that allows the wearer to do their job without ever being restricted or having to think about their garment. So that pleat in the back allows forward range of motion without any difficulty whatsoever.”

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