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6 Must Try Mobile Apps for Doctors and Students

The rise in the mobile applications has benefited people from different occupations. From business executives to health enthusiasts and engineers to doctors, mobile apps are playing a vital role in learning new skills, boosting productivity, staying healthy and just about any other application you can think of.

When it comes to doctors and medical students, the case is no different. According to one survey, more than 85% of physicians and practitioners were using mobile devices in the performance of their jobs.

For doctors, it is important to manage their clinical settings while for medical students diagnosing the disease and treatment is quite challenging. When used properly, this kind of technology can play an important role in managing your work and improve your performance. Check out some of the mobile apps that would help doctors and medical students to facilitate them.


Medscape is a useful app for doctors to identify drugs, supplements, and OTCs. The Pill Identifier tool integrated into this app will help doctors to pinpoint bills by color, shape, imprint or scoring.

Moreover, Medscape also provides drug reference to find the most current prescribing and safety information. With the evidence-based Disease and Condition reference tool, doctors can find useful information for patient care through updated reference database. Some of the other useful features include medical calculators, formulary information, drug interaction checker and procedure reference.


Meducation is a free resource for medical students to discover thousands of learning resources helpful in boosting their career as a health specialist. Students can find the latest news, interesting stories and helpful resources to become the best medic. Meducation contains sources of information that is not available in textbooks. You can find the solution to most difficult problems through podcasts, videos, slideshows, mind maps and mnemonics. The intelligent feature integrated in Meducation helps you learn from what students love and make the experience far better.


Prognosis app is one of the most useful resources for doctors as well as students. With over 600 case scenarios across 30 specialties, you can examine your diagnostic skill through stimulated clinical cases. The cases are short but in-depth analysis of the diagnostic process along with the updated discussion on the specific condition.

The cases contained in the app is thoroughly reviewed by specialist physicians to ensure that they are authentic and clinically relevant. Apart from using this app on your mobile device, you can also view it on your desktop.

Diseases Dictionary

Diseases Dictionary is another useful app for students as well as doctors. The app contains a huge library of medical disorders and diseases with detailed info on causes, symptoms, treatment, and definitions.

Doctors can use the app as a clinical advisor to check out for medical advice. It is free of cost and can be accessed offline. Students can benefit from detailed information on treatment of diseases, medical conditions, and symptoms. Moreover, medical reference book and thesaurus can facilitate students to learn medical terminologies and abbreviations.


The MedCalX is a unique mobile app for health professionals helping them to use complicated formulas, classifications, and scores. The app comprises of more than 300 formulas, scores, and classifications with the ability to create your own series. You can also share the data via email, print it, saving to patient’s database and much more.

MediBabble Translator

MediBabble Translator is a free professional grade medical interpretation app available for healthcare specialists. The app is designed to improve the efficiency, safety, and quality of care for non-native English patients.

The app contains thousands of translated questions and instruction all recorded in high-quality audio. The languages include Spanish, French, English, Haitian Creole, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Russian. Moreover, the app does work while you are offline. A panel of professional and experienced physicians review the content and two medically trained native speakers check the accuracy and authenticity.


Whether you are an experienced doctor or a medical student, make sure to try these apps. While they are in no way meant to replace the proper diagnosis and treatment by a licensed medical professional, these apps are to not only enhance your skills and improve knowledge, but also ensure safety and accuracy required in the treatment of patients.

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