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Medical Residents: Medelita Lab Coats and Scrubs Add Confidence to Your Professional Presentation

Reading Dr. Linda Brodsky’s fabulous blog post entitled “6 Tips for women Physicians just starting internship” yesterday on KevinMD, I was struck by the tone with which she addresses professionalism, particularly for women in medicine. It was so refreshing and frank; it really felt like it was coming from a personal mentor. There were a couple of references to presentation that resonate perfectly with what Medelita is achieving for our colleagues in medicine. Her third tip: "Develop a style of professionalism," is particularly relevant in the mention of dressing appropriately. Medelita’s lab coats and scrubs have highly professional modern styling and tailoring that exude aptitude and a polished look - adding confidence to your personal presentation.

Confidence Is Key

Here at Medelita, we feel rather strongly about the connection between appearance, confidence, and poise. The company was founded 5 years ago by a licensed physician assistant who demanded something more from the existing selection of frumpy clothes she was forced to wear every day. It is our primary desire to ensure that our customers feel confident and polished in their medical garments – a task that seems impossible if you’re forced to wear boxy and flimsy lab coats and scrubs. lab coat women

You've Earned It

The last of Dr. Brodsky’s 6 tips: “Introduce yourself as ‘doctor’. You have earned it” I particularly loved because of that second sentence. You HAVE earned it – there is no doubt- it’s right there on your diploma. Many of our female colleagues have commented that traditional lab coats leave them feeling as though they’re wearing their father’s coat . . . hardly the right image for a knowledgeable professional who has dedicated enormous effort and sacrifice to their career. You absolutely deserve to look your best in the garment worn more than any other single item in your wardrobe. A Medelita lab coat speaks for itself, and for you, with confidence.