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Medelita Lab Coats Featured on A Gifted Man

There's nothing quite like watching TV and being able to say, "Oh, that's our coat!" It's an immense feeling of pride that floods over us as we get to see Rachelle Lefevre looking absolutely amazing in our Callia lab coat on the new CBS drama, A Gifted Man. The new show, which airs on Fridays at 8pm ET/PT, follows a gifted surgeon (Patrick Wilson) who suddenly has his life changed when his ex-wife dies and goes on to teach him about life from beyond the grave. It's a great show, a unique combination of House meets the Patrick Swayze classic, Ghost. On the show, Dr. Kate Sykora, played by Rachelle Lefevre, is often featured wearing the Medelita Callia women's lab coat. The Callia lab coat is our original, signature lab coat. Distinctly feminine, yet appropriately professional and distinguished, the Callia lab coat features rounded lapels, rounded corners on the chest and front pockets, and beautiful back waist detail with buttons. Pleating above and below the back waist belt make it especially flattering to the female figure. The brushed finish of the fabric makes these women's lab coats exceptionally photogenic - the perfect choice for professional photography or on-screen filming.