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Medelita Introduces Caribbean Blue Scrubs

A great deal of thought goes into every important decision made at Medelita, including the design of new garments and the introduction of a new color. On one of my first days at Medelita, our Founder, Lara Manchik and I were discussing scrub colors. New to the nuances of the industry, I suggested some perky and creative color names, and I recall quite succinctly watching her nose wrinkle before she patiently (and kindly) explained that, at Medelita, even the color of a garment must be a representation of our high standards of professionalism and quality. I learned that day, and again every day since, that our customers and colleagues are our highest priority. We read every email that a customer sends, and we listen to every comment, suggestion, and request. We are always striving to reach a higher level of perfection and ensure that we're meeting the needs of the dedicated individuals we serve. I am, therefore, excited to announce that Medelita is introducing a new color to our line of clinician scrubs and men's scrubs. Just in time for summer, Medelita is calling to mind tropical beaches and warm sunny days with the introduction of Caribbean Blue scrubs in both men's and women's styles. Flattering on all skin tones, this modern and professional color is a statement of quality and achievement. In addition to looking good and feeling comfortable, Medelita medical scrubs are also designed to be both functional and durable. For women, our Caribbean Blue clinician scrubs feature a teal drawstring. To ensure consistency and present a polished look, name and title embroidery on our scrubs always matches the color of the drawstring. For men, the embroidery and the drawstring color are a masculine and professional cocoa color. Caribbean Blue scrubs will be available for pre-order on July 1st with shipping commencing on July 15th.  We anticipate you'll love this new choice as much as our existing scrub colors.