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Medelita highlights from the ASPS conference 2013

The weekend of the 19th was stimulatingly spent among Surgeons at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons conference in San Diego. There was a good turnout with both old friends/customers and new, as well as new residents coming to try on the Physician coats they have recently earned the right to wear. Attendees were an interesting mix of international and domestic plastic surgery practitioners, with a notably large contingent from South Korea. The E. Wilson slim fit coats were a big hit and it was nearly impossible to get those men to step away from the mirror. Many a smartphone photo was emailed home to the spouse to show off! Our soft scrubs were also a big hit as many people were really waiting for an opportunity to feel the material prior to purchasing. Yes, they really are as soft as we say they are. Female clinicians appreciated the varied lengths of lab coat we offer for females, as well as the different lapel and pocket styles. Residents were very excited about our new resident discount as well as the fact that we have their hospital logos available for embroidery. They returned daily to introduce Medelita to a new colleague. I had a fascinating conversation with a resident from Columbia who related his experience during Hurricane Sandy last year. Since their downtown hospital was closed due to flooding, the uptown hospital was triage busy – for 4 days straight! He was a very impressive young man and our conversation left me inspired, and very confident in the future of American medicine. Jen Moffroid at the ASPS 2013 "THE MEETING" in San Diego