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Journal from Libya: Part 7

In celebration of National Midwifery Week, Medelita presents daily entries from the journal of Becky Carlton, BSN, CNM, an American midwife recently in Libya during the ongoing revolution. Here is the final entry. June 9, 2011 18:42 “Chicago Time” Location: somewhere over the US at 35,000 feet. Having left Brussels in the morning…trying to get home! If someone wakes you on a Friday morning with the question, “Would you like to go to Libya on Tuesday?” think about your answer carefully! Keep in mind that there is a revolution happening there. The people have decided they want new leadership after 40 years under Muammar Gadaffi’s thumb. Keep in mind that NATO is plastering the country with bombs and rebel forces are making homemade rocket-launchers. Consider what a landmine can do to a human. Believe the pro-Gadaffi soldiers suffer, the anti-Gadaffi soliders suffer and civilians are definitely suffering. Consider what a chance it would be to witness a people fighting for their freedom. When the call comes, consider it carefully. Then—go ahead—say, “Yes.” Becky Carlton, BSN, CNMMedelita Guest Blogger: Becky Carlton, BSN, CNM. Becky is currently working as the Midwifery Dean at Gimbie Adventist Hospital in Ethiopia. Becky has been doing missionary work for many years, with such organizations as the Peace Corps and Doctors without Borders (MSF).