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iPad Pockets Have Arrived!

iPads accounted for 7% of recent Christmas Day sales, and sales from mobile devices increased to 14.4% - a 172.9% boost over 5.3% on Christmas Day 2010. It is clear that iPads are gaining momentum in all sectors of society, and healthcare is no exception. For many of our colleagues, the iPad can save a lot time every day that is usually spent finding a computer workstation or collecting image printouts. Even the government has recognized the importance of this timesaving technology, and The U.S. Veteran’s Administration is planning a National Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution that would introduce 100,000 tablets in their 152-hospital network in the near future. As iPads continue to grow as a medical tool, we're dedicated to providing our customers with the functionality you need in a lab coat - which is why we've redesigned many of our lab coats to fit an iPad. Our improved lab coat designs allow you to keep your iPad confidently and securely in your lab coat pocket. The new iPad pockets are reinforced along the seam and designed to offer easy access to a tablet while ensuring it remains snugly protected. Currently the women's Estie and men's Laennec and Osler accommodate an iPad in all sizes, while many of our other lab coat styles fit an iPad in select sizes, as seen in the picture below.