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Improving The Customer Experience - New Click-To-Chat At

With a global customer base, the timing isn’t always right for immediate person to person communication.  In response, Medelita’s in-house IT department created a new click-to-chat message feature that has really made a difference for our customers and CSR team. The new feature allows for detailed communication to continue whatever the time zone, giving customers the ability to leave detailed messages about their questions any time of day.   In response, Medelita CSR composes a detailed reply during the next business day (M-F, 8-5 PST).  The new messaging feature is particularly popular on the weekends when customers have the time to read all the ideal features of our professional Medical garments.  Quite often an internet order comes in for those customers shortly after receiving our replies. It’s just another way we are always progressing here at Medelita, achieving improvements in every area of our business, continually.