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How to Look Refreshed And Awake (When You're Just Not)

As a medical professional, a good night's sleep is a rare opportunity. That being said, you need to be alert and look awake for your patients. That might seem easier said than done, but a pair of quality scrubs, some self confidence and a good skin care routine can make all the difference when it comes to looking put together.

Here are a few tips for buying scrubs and other ways you can look refreshed and awake, even if you're technically neither of those things:

Take care of your skin

Putting your best face forward can be difficult when you're working a long or turnaround shift — but it's not impossible. Developing a simple, effective skin care routine can brighten your skin and help you look refreshed, even when you're exhausted. You can try a citrus-scented exfoliant for a morning pick-me-up, a weekly glycolic acid peel to remove dead and dull skin cells or an ultra-hydrating daily moisturizer to keep your skin happy and bright.

Fake it 'til you make it

One of the quickest, though not necessarily easiest, ways to look awake is to trick yourself into believing you're well-rested. Some doctors recommend a quick exercise, like jump roping or taking a brisk walk around the building to combat fatigue. Others suggest surrounding yourself with warm colors, like red and orange, instead of calming blues that can put you back to sleep. A few mindful breathing exercises throughout a shift can also help you focus and energized.

Find flattering scrubs

Nursing scrubs for women can either make you feel frazzled and frumpy, or confident enough to tackle your day head-on. It all depends on how they look and feel. Your best bet is to find fitted scrubs for women that are snug, but don't hurt to put on each morning or fall off each time you run to a patient's room. Medelita offers a variety of scrub sizes and styles for any body type that come in flattering shade of blue, gray, black and white.

Keep your scrubs and coat in tip-top shape

The best women's scrubs will be made of high-grade, moisture-wicking fabric that can keep you cool and dry when you're in a rush. They'll fit well and keep you looking your best for many years — if you take care of them. To ensure your best scrubs maintain their fit, color and purpose, you'll need to wash and store them properly. Medelita recommends you machine wash your scrubs in a warm, regular cycle. If you must, use non-chlorine bleach only. And whatever you do, don't use liquid fabric softener — it blocks the moisture wicking fabric feature. Hint: It helps if you find scrubs that manage to become softer with each and every wash cycle.

Want to look refreshed and awake, even on the longest of hospital shifts? Shop Medelita's stylish scrubs and lab coats now.