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Honoring a Pioneer: Pierre Fauchard

"Sugar is detrimental to both gums and teeth. We should limit it in our daily foods." It seems like common sense now, but in 1728, it was a revolutionary statement. The man credited with first recognizing that sugar was anything but sweet on teeth was Pierre Fauchard, known as "the father of modern dentistry." Born in 1678 in France, Pierre Fauchard joined the French Royal Navy at the incredibly young age of 15 and became a combat medic under the tutelage of Alexander Poteleret, a surgeon major who specialized in diseases of the teeth and mouth. The definition of an overachiever, Pierre Fauchard singlehandedly changed the face of dentistry. Like a dental MacGyver, he adapted tools from watch makers, jewelers, and barbers to make remarkable improvisations on dental instruments to combat the limitations of the primitive surgical instruments during the late 17th and early 18th century. He even discovered that teeth position could be corrected and introduced the first braces - initially made from gold and fastened with waxed linen or silk threads. Pierre Fauchard was considered a highly skilled surgeon by many of his colleagues at Angers University Hospital, where he worked after he left the Navy. At a time when dentists were called "Dentateurs" and generally only extracted teeth rather than treated them, Fauchard not only removed teeth but filled cavities, removed tartar from around the teeth and benign tumors of the gum, and even created 'false teeth', carved from blocks of ivory or bone. Pierre Fauchard often described himself as a "Chirurgien Dentiste" (Surgical dentist) - a term that would later become the title of his now-famous book.  At the age of 45, Pierre Fauchard completed the manuscript for "Le Chirurgien Dentiste". The book, published in two volumes in 1728, is said to be the first complete scientific description of dentistry. We chose to honor Pierre Fauchard with our own innovative and professional Medelita Men's Fauchard dental lab coat. Designed to resemble a men's suit jacket with a traditional collar and blazer pocket, the 40? length Fauchard dental lab coat is the most professional and tailored dental lab coat on the market.  The Fauchard dental lab coat is designed specifically to accommodate the exact range of motion and ergonomics required of dental practitioners, and features cuffed sleeves and snap closure to the neck for OSHA compliance. Comfort with movement in dental specific positions was the paramount consideration in this lab coat design, and an ergonomic design of the sleeves and upper back allows for full range of motion. Double back vent. Easy snap front closure. Underarm grommets for ventilation. Extra Smartphone pocket. The Fauchard dental lab coat also boasts breathable, 100% cotton pre-shrunk performance fabric that repels fluid, soil, and stains – including blood and impression material, while helping to maintain the bright white coat color that signifies prestige and professionalism. Learn more about the Fauchard dental lab coat.