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Highlighting the Heroes: Richmond University Medical Center Medical Resident Up For $25K Award

HERO AWARD MedelitaAlmas Zane

Richmond University Medical Center, Staten Island – staten island, NY
Almas  Zane M.D.  graduated medical school in India and began her residency in 2012 here in the US. Almas is incredibly dedicated and hardworking, and  her attitude embodies the true spirit of what a resident should be. She sacrifices her time with her family to take care of her patients, and demonstrates true compassion and patience even at the most trying of times. In addition to all she does, Almas manages to stay up to date with the most current medical information. She is incredibly bright and works diligently, and should be recognized for her skills and strong work ethic. Vote for Almas here. If you know a resident that deserves to be recognized, please nominate them here.