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Highlighting the Heroes: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Grad Up for $25K Award

Our H.E.R.O. Award -Honoring Excellent Resident Observations – was launched to highlight the personal sacrifices and educational commitment during a medical resident’s professional adult life.  We realize, considering the fast moving changes in healthcare,  how courageous medical residents are to embark upon a career in medicine with such an uncertain future.  This award is our way of recognizing that courage.

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our nominees individually:

Medical School Debt

Kaitlin Herald

University of Texas at Houston Medical Center – Houston, TX
Kaitlin Herald’s sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor while she was in medical school at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Ohio. This diagnosis not only caused her to shift her entire life priorities from being a student to taking care of her sister, it also changed the way she looked at illness. Dr. Herald has matched into anesthesia residency after failing to match into neurosurgery residency. Now as a 3rd year anesthesia resident she constantly comments on how lucky she was to have landed in anesthesia because it suits her personality perfectly. The rejection, although hard to take initially, was a blessing in disguise and she would never give up her anesthesia spot or trade back any day. Her confidence and leadership makes her a perfect anesthesiologist. After finding out about her sister’s illness, Kaitlin dedicated her life to helping others in need. Improving health both by being an excellent physician and helping serve underprivileged patients. She spent 3 months abroad in Germany helping neuro-surgical patients receive surgical treatment they would not have had otherwise. She is a true humanitarian and her motivation is to treat every patient as if they are her sister. Many times in medicine, a treatment can only cure a disease to a certain extent; it is a patient and their caregivers' positive mindset, and hope, that drives a patient to a cure. Kaitlin provides this for her patients. Kaitlin has made multiple sacrifices in her dedication to medicine. The biggest being caring for her sister after her diagnosis of a brain tumor. Being the oldest child, and the only physician of her family she committed herself to helping her sister. Switching her role from one of a medical student to one of a personal caregiver. She sacrificed lecture, rounding and studying time to attend her sisters doctors appointment and treatments with her. She worked outside of her school work to help supplement her sisters medical bills and prescriptions. Vote for Kaitlin here. If you know a resident that deserves to be recognized, please nominate your candidate here.