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Guest Blog: "My mom is a doctor, my dad is not a doctor, he works!"

When we started a blog here at Medelita, we had one main goal in mind – vibrantly friendly and interesting communication with our unique and engaging audience of medical professionals. I'm glad to announce that we've recently decided to further that goal by inviting new voices from among our customers and colleagues to share their own stories. Our first official Medelita guest blogger is veterinarian, Julie Pearson, DVM. "My mom is a doctor, my dad is not a doctor, he works!" Meet my daughter Claire, 3 years old. Apparently, practicing as a "animal doctor" is not work. And in a way, she is right. Nothing about my profession is routine. Every day is different, I never know what is going to come through the door of our hospital. As many said before me, being a veterinarian is not a job, it is a way of life, and little Claire has already caught on to that. Unfortunately this comes with a price, as all working moms know too well. There are many evenings when Claire is asking for attention while I can not take my mind off the challenging cases of the day. There are many early mornings when I have to pull my sleepy child out of bed to take her to daycare when it is still dark out. However, Claire's days are filled with impromptu visits to our hospital. She gets to cuddle with fluffy rescued kittens, visit with my team members, share drawings with them, read kids stories, and play ball in the waiting room at lunch time. She gets to watch bloody surgeries from the best seat in the OR, on her daddy's shoulders when he visits us. She also loves to assist me in the exam room, sitting on the counter, watching every single step of my physical exam. How many young kids get to do that? Her childhood is different, rich in experiences and memories that I hope she will keep forever. There is nothing I liked more as a kid than following my dad, a general practitioner, for his house calls. Every visit, was different, exciting, unknown. I can tell that so far, Claire enjoys this very much, as she asks almost every evening "Can we go to the clinic?" as I pick her up from daycare.