Gifts for Medical Students – The Ultimate Gift Guide for 2021

Gifts for Medical Students – The Ultimate Gift Guide for 2021

When shopping for gifts for medical students, it’s all too easy to default to a coffee shop gift card, possibly tucked inside a run-of-the-mill coffee tumbler. We’d like to steer you away from that option and consider some of the more on-point, sophisticated, even problem-solving gifts we’ve listed below. Before we jump into the list, here are some guidelines to help you determine which gift ideas for medical students will align with the gift recipient’s tastes.

How to Find the Best Gifts for Medical Students

Medical students have an astoundingly packed schedule, full of class, clinical rotations, study sessions, work, and even more studying. In most cases they sacrifice sleep, exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet to accommodate the demands of med school. On top of that, most students must adopt an extremely frugal way of life as they’ve taken on a lot of debt to get them through their schooling. Therefore, the gifts that will mean the most to them are ones that save them time and money, offer them rest or better quality sleep, or equip them with quality apparel, tools, and accessories for the distinguished career ahead of them.

Knowing what pain points the med student you’re shopping for specifically deals with will help you narrow in on the perfect gift, especially when you can also apply your unique knowledge of their personality and lifestyle. Now you’re ready! Browse through the curated gift ideas for medical students below, which we feel constitutes a comprehensive list of the best options out there.

The student lab coat, or consultation lab coat, is a hallmark of the medical school student journey. The white coat represents all their hard work so far in getting into med school and provides tangible motivation for them to excel in their studies. Having a beautifully tailored, crisp, high-quality lab coat is a wonderful feeling for a medical student.

The individual you’re gift-shopping for will absolutely love a Medelita student lab coat – why? Because it was designed specifically for their needs with exacting detail. The coat features modern style lines and soft, durable fabric. It is wrinkle resistant and can be washed and dried on the hottest setting.

The coat can even be custom embroidered above the front chest pocket for an extra special touch. It’s one of the best gifts for medical students because of its significance. Shop men’s and women’s consultation lab coats at

Late-night studying is a guaranteed regular activity for med school students. It’s simply a necessity but the resulting eye fatigue and negative impact on their circadian rhythm can be a major downer.

Help them out with a pair of sleek blue-light blocking glasses, such as these stylish, high-quality frames from Warby Parker. Any of Warby Parker’s frames can be outfitted with blue light blocking lenses, in fact. These glasses are one of the most practical gifts for medical students you can get. Shop at

Practical gifts for medical students have one thing in common: they help students keep track of, or save time. There is nothing that beats the Apple Watch at providing that service. The student you’re shopping for will no doubt be incredibly grateful to you for this as a gift as they can save time by getting bite-size chunks of information quickly with just the flick of their wrist. Their days are filled with class, clinicals, work, studying, and more studying, any help they can get with obtaining quick info is a boon.

Notifications about new text messages, app updates, emails, and much more display as concise nuggets of text displayed on the watch are accompanied by a discreet chime and/or vibration of the watch to alert the wearer. As future doctors, reviewing the health insights that the Apple Watch collects will be a fun activity connecting their own health with their studies. The wearable devices come in a variety of colors and models. They’re surprisingly robust and stylish. The wearer can customize the watch face and their watch band to their liking.

Note: we recommend checking that your gift recipient has an iPhone as that will best enable them to take advantage of all the device features. Shop at

Now is a good time to give a medical student whom you care about some quality compression socks! They’ll be wearing them for the rest of their working life as a necessary component of their daily work attire, helping to reduce the swelling, fatigue, and pain that results from being on one’s feet all day.

Physix Gear makes cult-worthy compression socks that medical professionals rave about. Reviews tout how well they maintain their shape and stretch, providing optimal compression. They’re quality socks that stay up at the top of the leg after many washes. Truly one of the most thoughtful gifts for medical students you can get. Shop styles at

Medelita Performance Tee – gifts for med school students

The Performance Tee by Medelita

Apparel that can transition between school commitments and the rest of a medical student’s life is basically unheard of – until now. The Medelita Long Sleeve Performance Tee is the perfect layering piece or standalone top that every med school student needs. It’s essentially one of the best gifts for medical students you can find.

Worn ​​under a scrub top, scrub jacket, and/or lab coat, it can function as an underscrub, keeping the wearer warm during clinical rotations, classes, etc. The student can shed a few layers and go from school to studying in the comfort of a contour-seamed, incredibly soft long sleeve tee. The Performance Tee is made with 4-way stretch midweight performance fabric that actively wicks moisture and repels odors. It’s the put-on-and-go garment that your gift recipient will find themselves reaching for every day. Grab a tee or two, or three at

The future ahead is bright but maybe a bit cold for the medical student you’re gift shopping for. They’ll likely be stuck in heavily air conditioned buildings from now until the end of their career in medicine. Having options for keeping warmer that suit their required uniform will be imperative for their comfort as the progress in the field. That’s why gifting that special student a scrub jacket is so thoughtful!

The temperature-regulating Kinetic scrub jacket by Medelita is one of the best gifts for medical students you can give. Its classic bomber design and functional pocketing make it a go-to layer for keeping comfortable and ready for any/all patients. This jacket can be matched to Medelita stretch scrubs in the same color, ensuring a cohesive look.

The Kinetic scrub jacket features performance stretch fabric, which, on top of being incredibly soft and durable, is also moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, odor-resistant, and stain-resistant. The piece works hard for that exhausted student you’re shopping for, keeping the wearer warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. It’s definitely one of the top most practical gifts for medical students destined for putting in long hours in heavily air conditioned environments. Shop the Kinetic scrub jacket at

Medical students juggle a lot of activities. Classes, clinical rotations, work, studying, exercising, somehow getting a few hours of sleep – it’s a lot! Keeping track of everything in one place becomes essential. Logging all those activities in a smartphone app may not be ideal as students may have a hard time keeping the device itself charged throughout their hectic day. A well-organized planner makes it easy to access the info needed, all in a beautiful presentation.

This academic planner by Erin Condren features an inspirational quote imprinted on a gorgeous, uplifting cover. The coil and colors of the artwork and text are customizable. There is also the option to personalize the cover further with the special student’s name printed at the bottom-right corner. You can even add a photo to the back cover for further personalization.

The planner features a variety of sections that are perfect for any medical student, including monthly sections for class and project information. Thoughtful weekly and monthly spreads for generating a helpful timeline of events and tasks make it easy for them to get essential info at a glance and save their critical thinking for the tasks themselves. Personalize one for a special student at

Quality backpacks are great as practical gifts for medical students because they are essential. Students have to have something to lug all their stuff around campus and they certainly deserve a premium, well-designed backpack to support them. That’s where the Knack Series 1 backpack comes in.

This backpack puts in serious work for your gift recipient. Featuring an expandable packing compartment that’s ideal for stashing extra clothing, for example a white coat tucked away when not in use or a fleece jacket at the ready for a cozy study session at the library. Additionally, the backpack includes a padded side-zip computer pocket for laptops up to 15”, organization pockets, a fleece-lined tablet pocket, fleece-lined sunglasses pocket, bottom-zip cable storage pocket, discreet side water bottle pocket… it’s the real deal.

The backpack includes some ideal travel features as well, such as the aforementioned expandable packing compartment and a hidden trolley sleeve for securing the backpack over the handles of a wheeled suitcase. The backpack is sized to fit in overhead compartments and under seats on a jet. The straps can even be detached and inserted into their own pocket in the event that the owner needs to check the backpack for a flight. A supremely padded back along with water-resistant and antimicrobial treatments complete the package. Shop at

When thinking of gift ideas for medical students, something like a portable charger may not seem personal or sentimental enough to give, however we encourage you to think again. This charger could save your gift recipient a lot of anxiety as they go through their hectic day. With all the activities they pack in each day, med school students are sure to run their phone batteries low. The worry over being able to grab some outlet time to recharge their device batteries would be completely gone with your gift!

The myCharge Hub Universal Portable Charger makes it even easier for your gift recipient to charge on the go with its built-in Lightning and USB-C cables. It also has a flip-down plug so it can charge up easily, which also allows it to function as a wall adaptor for that special student’s devices – no more lugging around a collection of wall adaptor blocks! The charger also features an extra USB port on the bottom. Available in 36 hour or 54 hour capacities at

Medelita Women’s Classic Non-Stretch Scrub Top and Pant in Black – gifts for medical students

Women’s Classic Non-Stretch Scrub Top and Pant in Black by Medelita

Scrubs are an absolute must for future medical professionals – they’ll likely wear scrubs for the rest of their careers as the base of their daily work uniform. A quality scrub set is one of the most ideal gifts for med school students you can get.

For the perfect scrub set look no further than the Classic Scrub Top and Pants by Medelita, featuring super soft, ultra-durable fabric that is moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant. These scrubs can be washed and dried on the hottest setting, which is ideal for those working in medicine. The relaxed fit of each garment is flattering, comfortable, and professional. The bottoms include an athletic waistband with drawstring. Expected pocketing and impeccable finishing throughout complete each high-quality piece.

Additionally, you can have their name and student credentials embroidered on the top as a wonderful personal touch to your gift, thereby creating a keepsake for the special student to wear during med school and cherish thereafter. Shop at

Keeping caffeinated is a must for med school students. One way you can help a sleep-deprived student stay on track is by gifting them a Hydro Flask coffee tumbler – it’s one of the best gift ideas for medical students you can find because caffeine is life in med school. Their relentless schedule practically requires that they constantly maintain a certain blood-caffeination level.

The name Hydro Flask is uniquely recognizable to the generation currently going through medical school. The popular brand is well-known for providing the best in insulated beverage containers, capable of keeping drinks the preferred temperature for more than half a day. Their iconic shape, soft handle, and soft textured exterior set these tumblers apart from other brands. This particular container comes in a variety of colors and features the coveted smooth flow Flex Sip™ Lid. Shop at

Maximizing the quality of any precious sleep a med school student can snag is imperative. By gifting a soft eye mask to that special student you’re shopping for, you will actually be providing them the thoughtful gift of better rest.

This Brooklinen silk eye mask is one of the most thoughtful gifts for medical students. The simple design and a variety of colors to choose from provide options for any gender. Silk as a fabric naturally protects skin and hair from friction damage while also feeling luxuriously soft and cool to the touch. The mask is machine washable, too! Grab one at

The gift of sleep. Do you see a theme going? Providing better quality rest for the special student you’re shopping for is very much something we recommend! That’s why we’ve included some quality blackout curtains in this list of gift ideas for medical students.

These gorgeous linen curtains add gorgeous, soft texture to the room, while the built-in blackout liner keeps sunlight out to provide for better sleep during the day – a must for med students with rotations at night. The panels can be hung one of three ways: using the pole pocket, hanging loops, or by attaching rings.

You may want to get proper measurements of the student’s bedroom windows ahead of time in order to select the desired size of these beautiful custom curtains. Choose between 27 different width options and 25 different length options. Be sure to consider the extra length that ring attachments will add if using. Order at

The med school student you’re shopping for is likely destined for constant A/C throughout their career. A thoughtful, warm gift, such as a fleece jacket, will be put to good use during their student years as well. In fact, fleece jackets are increasingly used as an alternative to the lab coat in the clinical setting.

Help that student you’re shopping for look the part in a fleece jacket specifically designed for those working in medicine, such as the Strata Performance Fleece Jacket by Medelita. Unlike other fleece, Strata is outfitted with clinically-minded pocketing and has been optimized in design and finishing to accommodate the specific movements a clinician must perform to help their patients everyday.

The garment also accommodates embroidery, which is conveniently handled by Medelita’s expert embroidery team. Unlike most fleece jackets, Strata does not feature any branding or distracting details on the chest, making it easy to embroider the wearer’s name and title. The personal touch will be much appreciated! Strata is one of the most generous, warm gifts for medical students out there. Shop a collection of colors at

The opportunity to relax doesn’t come often for med school students. We’ve established that the best gifts for medical students save them time, provide ways to reenergize, allow them to maximize their relaxation time, or improve their quality of sleep. In the case of these luxurious bath bombs, such a gift would allow them to get the most out of some down time, relaxing in a soothing bath – and will likely give them a better night’s sleep, as well!

This Beauty by Earth bath bomb variety set provides a super relaxing sensorial experience. Each bomb contains all-natural ingredients including aromatherapy essential oils, detoxifying clays and salts, and organic oils and butters. Deeply moisturizing ingredients and beautiful scents create a wonderfully relaxing moment for the gift recipient. They’ll surely be thanking you for giving them some rejuvenating time back between their late night study sessions, work, and school requirements! Grab a gift set at

New medical professionals will need a whole new wardrobe, and for good reason. The staples that a doctor will need to invest in allow them to do their job better and more easily (when they invest in quality pieces, that is). On top of that, many of the types of garments they’ll need also distinguish them as MDs or DOs. The underscrub is not exactly that distinguishing item, however it IS an absolute essential in their work wardrobe and is likely a piece they need when they start their clinical rotations.

The right underscrub tee provides a med school student with a warm base layer for wearing under their scrubs. They’re ideal for the cold of the hospital, where the student you’re shopping for is likely spending long hours during their clinicals. The Second Skin Underscrub Tee from Medelita is made of incredibly soft, breathable 4-way stretch knit material that wicks away moisture. The fabric keeps the wearer dry and odor-free all day. It’s the top of the line as far as underscrubs go!

When you gift an underscrub tee, you’re gifting comfort and warmth, and for that reason, it’s definitely one of the most practical gifts for medical students. The Second Skin Underscrub Tee is available for men and women. Shop at

Coffee. It’s essential during med school – there’s no denying that. Giving a med school student a chain coffeehouse gift card is thoughtful but lacks personality and can be a poor fit for a coffee connoisseur. For the deserving individual who appreciates gourmet coffee, consider a Trade Coffee Subscription.

The recipient first takes a quiz to determine their coffee preferences such that each roast delivered matches their tastes. Then they’ll get regular deliveries of new coffee to try according to their preferred schedule. Each bag is shipped at peak freshness and comes from one of 55+ craft roasters across the country. With over 400 roasts, the gift recipient is sure to be pleasantly surprised with each brew. Recipients can provide feedback on each roast they receive to improve their matches going forward.

The subscription makes for a very personal gift, but if you’re looking for more of a one-time gift check out Trade’s beautiful Celebration Box gift set. You can’t go wrong with shopping at Trade for gifts for medical students! Shop at

Med school students, despite working tirelessly towards becoming experts on all things health and wellness, are not always capable of maintaining a regular, healthy diet. The demands of their busy schedules make it hard for them to plan out healthy meals and snacks. A generous gift of a Daily Harvest box or gift card can help the student you’re gift hunting for “up” their nutrition game. Daily Harvest provides highly nutritious prepped whole food frozen smoothie cups, veggie bowls, flatbreads, soups, vegan ice creams, single-serve pod lattes, and an assortment of other fruit, vegetable, and grain bowls.

Everything is plant-based. Almost all of the ingredients are organic as well. Your gift recipient will notice that there are absolutely no fillers, gums, refined sugars, unhealthy oils, stabilizers, or artificial ingredients. It’s clean, vegan eating. Even if the loved one you’re gift shopping for isn’t at all vegan, they’re sure to appreciate the healthy addition of nutrition-packed, wholesome plant-based snacks and meals into their less than ideal student diet.

Plus, it’s all super easy to make. Some items require a quick puree in a blender, while others just need a brief reheat. This is one of those gift ideas for medical students that will save them valuable time. Not sure what goodies your gift recipient will specifically want? You can also send them a Daily Harvest gift card so they can pick out exactly what will satisfy their hunger cravings. Shop at

High-quality, well-designed medical apparel may be out of reach for a cash-strapped medical student who has likely taken on a lot of debt in pursuit of their dream. Yet they truly deserve the best!

A Medelita Gift Card is the perfect gift for the med school student who needs and deserves a little shopping spree. Your gift can provide that special student with the long-lasting, comfortable, professional clothing and accessories they’ll be wearing for years to come – from scrubs to stethoscopes. A Medelita Gift Card is one of the best gifts for medical students you can give. Purchase one at

Shopping for a fashion-savvy medical student? The Quantum Jacket for men and women is the perfect blend of polished style with the function of a scrub jacket. Featuring smart pocketing for medical workers and impeccable finishing, this professional piece is ideal for the doctor-to-be as a piece to be worn whenever a lab coat is not required.

Quantum is elevated and edgy. It can easily go beyond the clinic – worn over casual clothes as a trendy, lightweight covering for everyday wear. The future doctor you’re shopping for will look the part wherever they go.

In addition, the jacket can be embroidered with your gift recipient’s name and title. This extra special touch shows just how much you respect their commitment to medicine. As far as fashion-forward gifts for medical students go, Quantum is at the top of the list. Shop Quantum at

If the student you’re shopping for has become an energy drink junkie as they progress through med school, do them a big favor and upgrade their habit with some zero sugar powder packets like these from CELSIUS.

Packed with vitamins and the benefits of green tea, ginger, and guarana seed, these powder sticks can help your sleep-deprived loved one stay on top of their studies and awake for all their clinicals, classes, assessments, etc. It’s one of the most practical gifts for medical students you can give to help them cope with the exhausting demands of med school. Pick from a variety of flavors at

A tailored, long-lasting lab coat is one of the most meaningful gifts for doctors. Why? Because physicians wear it every day they are on the job. Their white coat represents all the hard work they put in throughout their pre-med education, medical school, and beyond. This is the gift that will make them beam with both gratitude and pride.

Make this phenomenal gift even more special by adding the physician’s name and title custom embroidered on the front. Medelita makes many styles of lab coats, all featuring beautiful tailoring and durable fabrics. Your gift is literally an investment in your loved one’s future as a successful physician. Not sure which style to choose or the exact text to have embroidered? No problem, just send a digital gift card and let your gift recipient shop for that well-deserved coat. Shop lab coats at

Physical fitness may take a hit during med school, but that doesn’t have to be the case for the student you’re shopping for. The gift of some quality resistance bands can provide a med school student with just the right tool to maintain a regular, impactful exercise regimen. Even if it’s just the bare minimum workout and only when they can make time, adding in resistance training with bands like these from GYMBANDIT can amplify the effort making for a more effective exercise session.

The set features five 100% natural rubber resistance bands, each a different level of resistance: light, medium, heavy, x-heavy, and xx-heavy, differentiated by color and a label identifying the particular level. The package also comes with a carrying bag for easy storage. This set is one of the best gift ideas for medical students who are fitness-minded. Get the set at

One of the first things a med school student is likely to purchase is a stethoscope. A medical provider will likely have many over the course of their career, starting in med school. Since it is such an essential accessory, a high-quality stethoscope makes for one of the most practical gifts for medical students you can get.

The Medelita Sensitive Stethoscope is the absolute best value in stethoscopes available. This highly rated device is optimized for auscultation of high & low frequencies, where auscultation means listening to sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs. The Medelita Sensitive Stethoscope was designed and handcrafted by ERKA in Germany and is the most advanced dual-membrane stethoscope with patented sound chamber geometry. It’s a great fit for any specialty.

The stethoscope comes with a pair each of soft and super-soft silicone ear tips, as well as a stethoscope case. It is latex-free and dermatologically safe, too. Get one for a special medical student at

Medical professionals and their stethoscopes – they just go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately, stethoscopes can easily get misplaced, or borrowed and not immediately returned. Labeling stethoscopes isn’t a simple task, although stethoscopes can be engraved around the bell. Another simple method, with the benefit of being eye catching, is a hand-stamped, hand crafted charm such as this one from a small business on Etsy.

It’s a beautiful way to call out the owner as well as add some character to the stethoscope. It’s one of the most personal, thoughtful gift ideas for medical students you can get, especially when accompanying the gift of a stethoscope! Choose from copper, brass, or sterling silver for the metal, and a variety of symbols as well as the font for the engraved text. Customize one for a special student at

Face masks are now a fact of life for those working in medicine. Despite this, a well-fitting, comfortable, effective mask can be hard to find even for those in healthcare. The Medelita Face Mask is the answer – and the perfect gift for someone working in medicine.

The buttery soft ear loops feature an adjustment bead that allows the wearer to completely customize the mask’s tightness across the mid-face and chin, resulting in an unrivaled, extremely comfortable fit for all-day wear. A highly flexible nose wire (adult sizes only) allows for further customization and a secure fit.

The bonded double-layer lightweight stretch performance fabric features moisture wicking and bacteriostatic qualities. The filter pocket accommodates all standard size disposable filters. These masks can be washed and dried on the hottest setting, too, making them ideal for regular use in a clinical setting.

The Medelita Face Mask is the most ergonomic knit face mask ever built. Coupled with its bacteriostatic qualities and ability to be laundered on hot, it’s truly one of the top most practical gifts for medical students out there. Shop high-quality masks at

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