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5 Ways Doctors and Nurses Can Let Their Personality Shine Through Their Clothing

Although strolling the hospital or clinic hallways might be a far cry from the runways of Milan, what you wear at work is a fashion statement. Your fashion statement could say a lot of things to your clients and patients, from, “I just pulled an all-night and I really need some coffee,” to, “I just pulled an all-nighter, but you would never guess it because these scrubs are wrinkle-free!”

The truth is, not only does your clothing represent your attitude and abilities, but small touches of fashion through your appearance helps your personality shine through as well. Just how does fashion express personality? The right fashion touches to your outfit shows your individuality and creates the type of image you want to present to the world. Especially in the medical world, where scrubs dominate and patients might start to think everyone looks the same, the right touches can help you stand out in your profession. If you’re looking to add a little more personality to your work wardrobe, here’s how to make scrubs look good and craft stylish medical uniforms that represent you.

Personalize your scrubs

Personalized scrubs for men and women are an easy way to bring some individuality to your work attire. You can choose to add an emblem, logo, or even your name and title to your scrubs or lab coat to send a message about who you are without ever having to say a word.

Choose scrubs that stand out

Who said scrubs have to be boring? With subtle yet striking cut differences in our women’s scrub tops, you can really choose the style and design aesthetic that appeals most to you. For instance, our Meridian scrub top emphasizes a sporty yet refined silhouette while our Horizon scrub top features a more modern V-neck and empire waist to compliment a variety of figures. If you’ve ever wondered how to wear scrubs fashionably, the answer is simple: choose scrubs that are fashionable all on their own. Problem solved.

Make a statement

Think about what statement you would like to make with your clothes—traditional scrub jackets may look, well, a little frumpy. But we have reimagined the scrub jacket with a sleek look that conveys function, form, and professionalism all through a thoughtful design. A modern twist on a scrub jacket can send the message that you’re fully capable but still just a little cutting-edge.

Focus on fit

One of the most understated yet crucial components of fashion is ensuring that the clothes you choose are the most flattering fit for your body shape. Even the most well-designed item can look completely wrong with the wrong fit. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of different types of fits available in our lab coats, from classic fit to slim to a more modern athletic silhouette.

Incorporate a pop of color

It may sound like a small thing, but patients remember the small things. Especially when one of your first interactions with your patient might be through a stethoscope, choosing a bright color that represents you, from pink to lime green to purple or blue, can leave a lasting impression.