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Effort vs. Expectation

When talking in terms of companies or employees, we often label people as 'hard workers'. I've been thinking quite a lot lately about the role that effort plays within the context of work. It's undeniably the most important piece of the puzzle - afterall, without effort, everything else becomes irrelevant. But is effort alone enough to be successful? In my opinion, I think an understanding of expectation is just as crucial. As a company or as an individual, you can spend months tirelessly and painstakingly building a wall of impressive architectural prowess - but if the customer needs or wants a fence, then you have failed to provide a useful service. It could be said that adequate communication can bridge the gap between expectation and delivery, and I wholeheartedly agree. However, it's not always easy. As medical professionals, you are required to develop an intuition in regards to the needs of your patients - especially in situations like Emergency Medicine, where you often simply do not have the time to engage patients in substantial conversation. This intuition, whether you're working in medicine or building fences, usually only comes with time. Medelita is both fortunate and unique as a company in that it was founded by a clinician. Medelita is, in essence, led by a member of our customer base. The unacceptable state of medical apparel was not a market niche that appeared to be a good investment opportunity . . . in every way, it was a deeply personal absence of choice that affected Founder, Lara Manchik, PA-C, for nearly a decade. As a result, Medelita was created with an innate understanding of the needs of its customers. There are dozens of small design features in our lab coats and scrubs that reflect this understanding - and we are the only medical apparel company in the world that has addressed such details. As an example, our lab coats are interlined along the front edges with fusing (similar to a shirt collar) - this prevents them from easily flipping open as you walk. Every stress point on every garment we produce is also reinforced, and every lab coat is designed to provide a built-in range of motion. We've also raised the bottom button to make sure you're comfortable and still professional in your lab coat, even while sitting. These little details are the result of the experiences of our Founder. In the case of Medelita, our efforts as a company have been guided by an accurate understanding of expectation from the very beginning - and it shows, in our outstanding quality and overwhelming customer satisfaction.